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You got a problem with paba?

The Depression Monster is kicking my ass.  I’m doing surprisingly well, despite.  Well, in that I’m too numb for it to touch my spirit.  The buffer has always existed, but it’s only recently occurred why.  I’m delighted by this new insight.  I’ve decided to accept it without analyzing it (to death.)  My understanding is enough.…

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Open the package, Leo.

Saying, I told you so, is not as satisfying when you’re talking to yourself.  At least I can say I saw this coming.  I’m burned out.  I felt inclined to push it because I suspect my social endurance has increased.  It has, but not by as much as I was hoping.  Everything I do right now takes…

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Laughing It Off

It dipped into the frost range last night.  Well, this morning.  It’s currently 34 degrees F.  It’s going up to 55 later.  Our state population doubles today as the hunters come to hunt pheasant.  Sometimes I go to the airport and watch them land and gather their gear.  But not today.  We have a spa…

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