“The carpet cleaning is just a means for them to get into your apartment.”


I’m disgusted by the Americans who continue to support treason. Law applies to all or none. If you think you’re safe as houses while this continues, you’re setting yourself up for a horrible surprise. I’m looking forward to seeing Beyoncè perform live next month. After that, I’ll keep looking forward to seeing Fleetwood Mac a few months later. Assuming we’re not all dead or dying from a nuclear tantrum, that is.

I completed NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare) training while serving in the Army. I know enough to be alarmed by the recent chemical attacks in the UK. I know exactly how to react to such tactics based on this knowledge. Do you? Russia denies everything, per usual, while gleefully celebrating yet another victory against the daft Americans who surrendered their free will to Fox News.

Boris and Natasha

But, hey. At least 45 is white, huh? And he’s a Christian because Fox News said so. A white, allegedly Christian man with lots of money (do you truly know how he got it?) can commit treason, and you’re okay with it because he promised to overturn Roe vs. Wade? And he encourages you to hate loudly and boldly, and you love that shit, don’t you? Just as much as you hate me when I notice and point it out, eh?

There are a thousand clichè’s to describe how history repeats itself. What comes around, goes around, etc. Lay in the bed you made. That one seems fitting on many levels. Much of writing for others to read entails creating a story that uses symbolism to relate wisdom. I mean the underlying tale that’s rearranged, recast and reworded over and over by author after author.

The unspoken motivation for writing in the first place is what I’m referring to here: To cause the reader to feel, think, and experience your creation. To draw on that to which we can relate, then share a perspective. As a voracious reader, I treasure this bond. I love seeing the world through the eyes of another. As a writer, I’m finding myself reluctant to share. I recognize now it involves a slight level of trust.

The state of America affects me in ways I never considered before. I’m saddened by how quickly I’m becoming anti-theist. Presently, the word Christian is meaningless. A transparent shield of lies.  I’m embarrassed by how naive I was.  And disgusted. Wolves in sheep’s clothing don’t seem to understand why I respond like they’re a wolf.  Maybe I should copy.  If I pretend to believe hard enough, perhaps I can be a tree.  We’ll see.

A preemptive breakup.

I bent over, grabbed my ears, and pulled my head out of my ass.  It helped me recognize how foolish I was behaving by hating Drumpf.  Naturally, I got over myself.  Instead, I feel sorry for him.  I sympathize with the fact that his dad was less than ideal.  I acknowledge it may have been a tad unwise to give a child a million dollars for nothing (50 years ago!).  It’s possible this type of parenting led to a poor grasp of economics.  How sad.  I think every parent should tell their children what they can do to make them proud.  Let’s eliminate the mystery as it’s led to so much misery.

It wasn’t hard when I set my mind to rejecting hate.  It took only a few moments of mentally placing myself in Drumpf’s shoes and looking at the world through his eyes.  Easy peasy.  Do try this at home with every human you encounter for the rest of your life.  Please, and thank you.  When you are able to understand how a person sees, it makes them loveable.  You then get to reasonably choose how to feel about them.  I want to love Drumpf as a human and hate his actions, what he stands for, and what he’s doing to my nation.  That’s what I need to maintain my honor.  Your mileage may vary.

Once you’ve bothered to understand, how you choose to feel is none of my business.  It’s not like I can’t guess.  I know most Americans are pretty shaken up right now, and some aren’t ready to stand up yet.  I wish I could embrace each of you and promise you it’s going to be okay.  All I can do is pledge my support, my love, and my abilities.  I did that when I was 17, so we’re good.

As for those who choose to cling to hate and violence in the storm ahead, you no longer exist in my world.  I no longer consider you American citizens (more like Russian terrorists), and thus you are no longer subject to my anything.  I’m a human; my heart burns like fire and can be as cold as space.  I know how to suck it up and drive on through extraordinary chaos.  I’ve seen and heard things I wish I could forget.  My country trained me to be a soldier and a scholar.  I’ll use everything within me to fight against you.  I am a formidable enemy of hate.  I’m not afraid, I’m livid.  And I’m far from alone.