“Calm down, Uncle Leo.”

Edit: Removed audio due to mastering fail.

Angry cat
Welp. M. is angry with me. I feel bad about what I did, but probably not as bad as I should. It has me feeling a bit guilty. Last night while he was watching TV, I was teaching Amelia Bedelia and Tallulah how to turn on the light to their fort. They didn’t seem to get it at all.

I spliced a big red button into some string lights under my bed. They hang out there at night when we’re sleeping. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It certainly looks cool.

Turns out, they did understand my instructions. Not long after we fell asleep, they turned it on and off repeatedly until M. lost his shit. (It was a bit like sleeping above a silent rave.) I just lay there trying to stifle my laughter. (Poorly.)

Guilty puppy

He’s super cranky today. At first, I was silently freaking out and avoiding him, (practiced my drums for two hours.) Then I realized even though he’s pissed at me, he’s not going to do anything but be grumpy. So now I’m waiting for Anxiety to get the memo.

I disabled the switch and apologized. I’m trying to think of how to suck up to M. without being obvious about it. I ordered Chinese food for dinner a bit ago. I hope it helps. My adult violin student is fantastic. I had no idea how much fun it would be to teach someone older than me.

She seemed a little freaked out when I told her she should set a goal to (eventually) join the local symphony orchestra. But after we talked about it, she’s excited and agrees it’s a good goal. She has the best social skills ever. I’m so glad she’s my student.

The only non-cool thing about her: Mid-century modern decor with every predictable detail. Keep Calm and Carry On poster included. I hope I didn’t telegraph my thoughts. At least she had art, I guess. Other than that, she’s kinda cool. Foods here. Yay.

“So now you’re going to keep going out with her for spite?”

I had an incident while on break at work today.  It involved a bee.  I’ve been stung before (as a kid.)  It was more alarming than painful.  I’m not allergic.   However, for some reason I behave as if being stung by a bee will instantly lead to my painful death.  The bee buzzed close to my ear, then hovered near my head.  That was all the signal I needed.

I ran to escape, and it followed me!  I changed direction.  Still in my space!  So I started zig-zagging.  Any coolness cred I once had is now history.  (It probably wasn’t much.)  My co-workers began shouting advice.  “Stand still!”  “Swat it!”  “Something something Periscope!”  Sigh.  It finally flew off without stinging me.  It must have decided my offense wasn’t severe enough to die over.

I’d like to think it was messing with me to amuse its friends.  “Hey Ethan, see that human over there?  Go give her a flyby, then stick to her like glue.”  Followed by Ethan and friends laughing.  “Look at her go!  This is so going on BeeBook!”  Okay, I’ll stop.  You’re welcome.  🙃  We have four mini trampolines at work now.  I squeed when I saw them.

It took so much willpower to refrain from lining them up and experimenting.  Musical mini trampolines, anyone?  I’m going to Sky Zone this weekend to work out my temptations.  It would be embarrassing to get fired from a job over mini trampoline shenanigans.  I went to the park near where I grew up yesterday.  I was going to put an ad in the paper to give violin lessons, but it requires talking on the phone, (which irks me in 2017.)  So I made a sign, printed out some contact cards, and headed out.


I played for an hour, and several people took a card.  I have two students so far.  Yay.  A woman asked me if I teach adults, and I told her to take my card.  It never crossed my mind to teach adults.  She emailed me already.  We’re meeting Thursday.  I’m excited.  She’s probably in her fifties.  She asked how long I’ve been playing, and fluffed my ego a bit.  She has beautiful hands.  I think she’s going to fall in love with the violin.

I’m off to visit our new dog.  Tallulah is staying with a friend of M’s while he’s away.  They have a huge backyard and a husky for her to play with.  I’m a little jealous.