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I don’t even really work here!

I had an awesome day, and it’s not only because my Star Wars: The Force Awakens pillowcases arrived from pottery barn kids.  My new mattress arrived too and was fun to unbox.  The second I cut the plastic it was wrapped in, it began expanding.  It’s a hybrid with spring coils and memory foam combined…

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Stoned entry #1

I’m stoned.  I probably shouldn’t try to write a blog post in this condition, but oh well.  Here goes.  I’ve been partaking of recreational weed while on my Christmas vacation in Denver.  I purchased way too much, as I had no idea it lasted so long.  I’m a lightweight for sure, but I’ve tried a…

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PTSD Sucks

Anxiety is kicking my ass.  I’m trying to ignore it because I know it’s from pre-trip jitters.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I got 2 hours, but after my cat stepped on me to change positions, I awoke and spent a good hour imagining all the things that could go wrong tomorrow.  It’s semi-productive…

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