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She had man hands

I have a migraine.  It’s ignorable.  I’m probably dehydrated.  I’ve been overly focused on my work, and haven’t paid attention to minor annoyances, like thirst.  My sister went through some of the furniture I bookmarked, and we decided on the Togo.  It’s low to the ground, and no hard legs to break toes upon.  It…

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Tired puppy.

I think I’ve recovered from my Denver vacation.  Well, almost.  Once I am able to sleep again, I’ll be there.  Anytime I break my schedule, it takes a toll on me.  I think I’m recovering faster, though.  Today has been surreal.  There’s a guy who lives down the hall from me.  He’s autistic, and lives…

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I have a friend on Twitter who is young.  We met through hash tag games, and follow each other.  At the beginning of our friendship, she got into a debate about religion with a mutual follower.  The mutual follower felt she was being persecuted for being a Christian, and had no tolerance for atheism.  My…

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