“The problem with talking is that nobody stops you from saying the wrong thing.”

I’m recovering from the holiday season.  I overdid it, and I’m still paying for it.  It was worth it.  Heh.  I know when I can say that, I’m nearing recovery.  Whew.  It was not my resolution to spend the first week of 2018 stapled to the floor.  (That’s what it feels like, anyway.)

I realized part of why I’ve struggled with Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson is it triggers me.  Recognition made all the difference.  I’m almost finished.  I also reread Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.  As a preteen, I didn’t pick up on the humor.  This time, I belly laughed often.

This year, I’m going to focus on books written by women.  My next book is Kindred, by Octavia Butler. (It’s also going to trigger me.)  I hope I develop some emotional callouses.  I’ve made progress giving away things I don’t want or use anymore.  It’s fascinating how quickly items are grabbed up (with permission) by my neighbors.

My only regret is they’re taking the boxes, too.  And the folding table I had them on.  Heh.  I guess someone needed it.  I like my apartment so much better now.  My living room looks like I just graduated from university; spacious.  I love it.  I’m off to purge another box of anxiety-provoking stuff.

“Jerry , she looks exactly like you.”

I didn’t like the last design, so I changed it.  (Sorry for not giving advanced warning.)  I’m also working on an additional blog, but it’s nowhere near ready for sharing.  I’ve decided to focus more on my journey with autism on this blog, and the other will center on my creative interests.  I’ll share the URL when I finish adding a bit of content.  The new blog will include sharing what I’ve learned from my favorite authors, musicians, and artists.  Stevie Nicks, J.K. Rowling, John Irving, Stephen King, and Brandon Sanderson, for example.

With M. gone, I caught myself gravitating back to coding marathons.  I’ve spent enough of my life writing code in my free time.  I’m ready to move on.  I’m happier when I’m creating.  While coding is creating, it’s a solitary endeavor that mainly takes place inside my head.  Instead, I’d rather create music, art, and poetry with my hands, too.  I also want to tell a story, but not as a written novel.  (I’m too palilalia prone.)  I want to engage as many senses as possible to make the telling of my story accurate to my imagining.

Stevie Nicks taught me the desire to create is something to embrace and build my life around.  It doesn’t need to support me financially to be worthy of the center of my focus.  Stevie Nicks stated more than once if she were a waitress or cleaning woman, she’d still be writing songs.  There’s a connection between creativity and joy.  (I very much want to confer with my AI and figure out a way to define it, but I’m going to practice my guitar later instead.)

I did try to figure out the killer bass riff in Charlie Puth’s song, Attention.  Mission not accomplished.  Yet.  I like the song so much I keep enjoying it (singing it) instead of isolating the bass.  Plus, it’s complex.  When I do finally isolate it, my version will be simplified.  I’ll be glad when I’m skilled enough to move up to a fretless 5 string electric bass.  For now, I’m just amused at my audacity, considering my current skill level.  I’m big on aiming high but keeping it real.  It’ll definitely be previously owned.

Tomorrow I’m going to fill two big boxes with stuff I don’t want anymore.  Then I’m going to take them to my underground parking space.  Two boxes a day until I stop feeling overwhelmed by stuff.  I’m going to put a sign on the boxes informing my neighbors they’re welcome to take what they want.  I’ll leave it for a week, then whatever remains is going to the dump.  The small business that comes to haul it away also sorts through for things that can be donated before dumping.  Yay.  I was their first customer and like their service.

I’m parting with most of my Star Wars memorabilia in this purge.  It’s weird, but I’m not the least bit upset to see it go.  I guess I’m done with Star Wars stuff.  Heh.  (If someone told me five years ago I would be throwing away most of my Star Wars stuff, I’d think they were being ridic.)  I’m going to photograph it before I toss it, though.  I’ve decided owning digital photos of stuff I like and storing them in the cloud is ideal.  It turned out to be a fantastic move as I now possess photos of wicked cool cars I’ll never buy, maintain, store, drive or ride in.  Perfect.  🙃  I’m off to practice.

A lesser Babka

The whole battle between the government and tech companies reminds me of Jurassic Park.  The government, (velociraptor) constantly tests the security barrier from various points, trying to find a weak point for an attack.  I got a notice in email that my free Samsung VR headset will be here Friday.  Yay.  If you want some, but didn’t get the offer, just watch eBay, and Craigslist for the next 60 days.  Plenty of people will be selling them in mint or near mint condition for a good price.  I’m thinking it’ll hover around $73 if your timing is right.  That’s a good chunk off the $99 retail price.  Or, you can just wait a year, and get the pair that will set the standard.  Pretty sure it’ll be the Oculus.

Sony was the first leader in VR headsets, but it was when too few cared about VR.  This time around, I think it’ll, (VR in general) catch a loyal crowd who will then keep it relevant.  We needed the 3D movie (3rd?) attempt before we were ready to try it with our phones/consoles/computers.  The last 3 words in that sentence explain why I think it’ll take this time.  I’m going to be hacking mine to work with my glasses.  I’ll switch to contacts when they’re eye drops.

I’m feeling overwhelmed because I have too much stuff.  I’m going to start photographing things I like, but don’t want to keep.  I’ve used this method since I was a kid, and it helps.  Plus, a surprising amount of memory is attached to our surroundings, including our stuff.  Going through photos of things you owned years ago is cathartic.  Storing them in the cloud makes them accessible on all of my devices, and takes up no space.  I also burn them to a disc that I store in an album annually.  It’s probably a little obsessive, but I don’t mind.  After I’m rid of about 75% of my stuff, I’ll rearrange the furniture in my bedroom.  Or more accurately, remove furniture from my bedroom.

I’m not a minimalist, but I’m a neat freak.  I put most emphasis on making my space as trip proof as possible.  I’m trying to make it through the rest of my life without breaking any more toes.  Some stuff I’ll just toss.  All the samples from Sephora that I meant to use.  Old magazines.  I should probably do something about all the computer peripherals and parts I’ve accumulated.  I own far too many gaming keyboards, speakers, headphones, and LCD monitors.  I’ll sell or give away things that others want, and toss the rest.  It’ll take a while, but it’ll be worth it.