“Why can’t you be like that Lloyd Braun?”

road trip

I’m still paying off the debt to my body for eating like I don’t understand how consequences work.  I feel like my neurons are communicating via dial-up when I’m used to gigabit speeds.  The signals get there eventually, but I’m so exasperated and clumsy in the meantime.  I’d love to share about how executive function is involved, and the importance of eating wisely, but it’s not happening today.

I’m supposed to leave for my sisters’ place in a few days, but I have no idea if it will happen.  I can’t predict that far in advance how I’ll be feeling with any accuracy.  Thinking ahead requires too much bandwidth.  Driving for roughly five hours in a row is a challenge for me when I’m functioning at my best.  I’ve pulled it off a few times, but I’ve always been in awe of myself for a bit afterward.

Driving requires a lot of focus.  It’s hard for me to allocate that much of my attention on a task that doesn’t interest me.  It’s similar to being overtired and trying to pull an all-nighter anyway.  I have to remind myself every few moments to pay attention.  On top of that, I live on the prairie.  It’s flat and monotonous.  I sing with my system blaring until I hit a city.  Then fear of collision takes over, and it’s all good.

I’ve driven around Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska so far.  I tried a guided bus tour years ago, but it was to Deadwood, SD.  It sucked.  It’s only a fun town if you’re into gambling, (and even then fun might be a stretch.)  I don’t gamble.  (Gambling and lottery tickets are topics that raise my blood pressure.  I blame statistics.)  Traveling with strangers from an elder generation wasn’t fun, either.  (I strongly suspect my presence made them tired.)


The weather is perfect today.  It’s 62° F and sunny.  I’d love to go for a run, but I can’t trust myself to stick to my route yet.  When my brain is in this state, I’m extremely likely to keep going, and then eventually realize I don’t recognize my surroundings.  I hate when that happens.  I rely more on my sense of smell than any weather apps when it comes to rain.  I was once caught out in a lightning storm, but at least there wasn’t any thunder, (it levels me.)  Sigh.  Not today.

I dumped DirecTV Now and went back to PlayStation Vue.  It’s only $4 more per month, and it doesn’t suck.  I got tired of the buffering, and crappy picture before my introductory offer with DirecTV Now ended.  It also took more bandwidth than PlayStation Vue for a less reliable, sad result.  I can use picture-in-picture on my iPad Pro to have live TV or my DVR shows play while I use another app simultaneously with PlayStation Vue’s app.  I like the user interface on my Roku, too.

I dumped them because they raised the price, but after trying some competitors, I’m back, baby.  I think the channel line-up for the basic tier is better, too.  I hope M doesn’t look at the available offerings (for more money) and see all the games he could be watching.  I’ll probably end up upgrading out of guilt.  (I suck at feigning interest in sports.)  The DVR in the cloud rules, too.  Yay, Sony.  How about lowering the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro, eh?  $350 is more reasonable now that the Xbox One X is out (and no drop date for PlayStation 5.)  I’m just saying.  😀💜

Red shirt! Red shirt!

It snowed so much yesterday and all night.  It cooled off, but it’s already melting.  It’s fitting that tomorrow will be a slushy mess.  I’m failing at atheism.  It’s as if declaring it made it unattainable.  Unobtanium.  (Still so bad it’s funny.)  I think about religion more than algorithms now.  I can’t even get pissed off about it because I keep getting distracted by questions about religion.  It’s probably for the best, as my last two creations would have only made energy barons wealthier.  It began as a contest I didn’t enter for rights issues.  It sparked an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone, so I worked it out.

I realized the purpose was to make more money which means making electricity more expensive.  It also made it easier to manipulate the cost based on almost any criteria in real time or by schedule.  Sigh.  I know.  I should have realized that before I went to all the trouble.  I deleted it, but it was a fun project, and I learned a lot in the process.  Hadoop is so choice.  I haven’t used that expression in ages, but I rewatched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off recently.  The first time I saw it an usher scolded us for laughing so loudly.  I was with Heather, and she was loud and proud.  It was when Jeanie encountered Ed (the principal) in her home and kickboxed the shit out of him, then ran upstairs like Cujo was chasing her.

I canceled my overpriced cable and switched to Playstation Vue.  In between, I tried Sling.  I got a seven-day trial, but it only took about thirty minutes to determine the service is crap.  The sound was shitty.  It was only in stereo.  The picture had artifacts and was out of sync with the sound.  There’s no excuse for artifacts and sync issues in less than 1080P resolution with only stereo sound on my overkill broadband.    Netflix mastered the streaming process first, and therefore set the standard.  Sling sucks.  I didn’t even want the rest of my free trial.  I canceled and deleted it off my devices.

Playstation Vue is perfect for me.  It has TBS, HGTV, SCIENCE, and Syfy.  It has a lot more, but those are the ones I watch regularly.  It only costs an eighth of what I was paying for cable.  It works on existing devices, too.  No more renting an ugly cable box that doubles as a furnace.  Yay.  It runs on my PS3 and PS4 which is the perfect DVR.  The picture is HD, and it has DTS 5.1 at the least.  Plus several of the channels have on-demand content including movies.  You can pause up to 30 minutes (if you select the feature), too.  But best of all, you can fast forward through commercials.

I love Playstation Vue.  It’s a better option for far less money.  That’s so rare I had to gush about it.  I have a love/hate relationship with the cable company here.  The service is exceptional but expensive.  There is always at least a 10-minute wait to talk to customer service.  During that time, they play automated messages repeatedly, between a crappy recording of their theme song.  I could feel my blood pressure rising every time I had to call for service outages.

Then there was the time a car accident took out their entire infrastructure; phone/cable/internet.  I tried to reach them with my cell phone, but only got a line disconnected drone.  They didn’t get it going again until the next day.  On the other hand, they just built an aquatic center in walking distance to the VA.  They also employ quite a few people who participate in United Way.  So they’re good for my community, but not for my TV.

I’m still an ISP customer, though.  They’re the best option where I live.  We won’t be getting Google Fiber anytime soon.  Sigh.  I’m just glad they let South Dakota be in Google Maps.  That was kind.  (We know they could have just put Dakota in big letters over both North and South Dakota because we don’t have enough people among us to make a convincing fuss.)