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A World of Fragile Things

I haven’t been sleeping well for the last few nights.  My brain wants to do other things, so I’ve been indulging.  The Depression Monster is banging on my door, trying to break in.  The weather is supposed to be really nice today, so I’m planning on going on a long run.  I’ll break in my…

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Autism Requires No Cure

I read a tweet yesterday about an organization called Autism One alleging “cures” for Autism through diet.  These “remedies” including forcing an Autistic child to ingest bleach.  It’s complete and total bullshit.  This is child abuse.  This is monstrous.  Any parent who is seeking a “cure” for their Autistic child is already on the wrong track.…

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I Remember

******Trigger Warning********– (graphic violence, homicide) I’m so tired.  I lay in bed for 2 hours, but didn’t sleep.  I’m on vacation, so I’m allowed to goof off right now.  That was directed at the guilt I’m feeling because I haven’t written any code today.  Last night after I set up my new Xbox One, and waited…

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