“I don’t care for your demeanor.”

So I read the news earlier.  Noticed Louis C.K. fell off the pedestal I built him and landed on his ass.  I didn’t bother reading beyond the fact three people have come forward because one is enough.  Welp.  Dear geniuses, this is where Alison loses her shit.

Dear people of earth:

You’re not entitled to mistreat anyone.  This is a universal rule from birth to death for all sentient beings.  No amount of money or delusions of power can ever grant you the right to step on the free will of another.  If you take away a persons ability to exercise their free will, you’re a predator.

Predators aren’t civilized or evolved, regardless of how well they can fake it.  They’re still living with a primitive mind.  Predators don’t develop beyond the mindset of a toddler.  They focus on only one thing:  Personal pleasure.  Whatever they get off on is what their entire lives focus on.  It’s all just the constant pursuit.  We all know predators.

When you step on someone’s free will, you’re doing it for one reason:  Your own gain.  It’s taking what you want.  It’s a severe problem of our species.  It has an excellent chance of being our species extinction catalyst.  It’s so pathetic.  Vladimir took until they all died off.  This is the likely story of homo sapiens.

And I know you’re thinking, geez, Alison, this is a stretch from groping someone.  No.  It’s not a stretch, it’s precisely the same thing.  It’s taking what isn’t given.   It’s stepping on someone else to get what you want.  Men have a horrible reputation in this regard.  It’s unbelievable how many men step on others for sexual gratification alone.   Mind-boggling.

We’re quite literally beyond the point where we even need to wonder if the accusations of sexual misconduct are legit or not.  Yes, I said it.  We’re past that point.  We’re past that point because so many men are predators.  If there weren’t so many men doing this shit day after day, age after age, we wouldn’t waste so much time trying to bring a handful of them to whatever justice is possible on a male-dominated planet.  Prove you’re innocent, eh?

Shit!  We have to fight just so every human is treated as if they’re sentient!  Collectively, we can’t even meet the minimum requirement to qualify as humane!  Please, aliens.  Please come and get me and take me somewhere civilized.  I just want to create and experience joy without stepping on others.  I’m happy to pitch in however I’m able.  I’m ready to go.  Just don’t eat my cat.