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I know a secret

I got a little sleep.  Probably about 4 hours.  Good enough.  Two of the women I follow on twitter lost a parent yesterday.  I know how horrific that can be, and both are completely leveled by it.  I think one of the worst parts is the disbelief that you can survive without them.  It’s really…

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Missing Heather

I miss my little sister.  She’s in my dreams a lot.  So are my Mom, and brother, Steve.  A shrink would probably tell me that ‘I have unresolved feelings regarding family members who have passed’.  Then I would ask for my money back, because duh.  But then, I wouldn’t tell a shrink something so personal.…

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Death of a Teenaged Autist

I follow my local newspaper’s 911 tweets on Twitter.  On the first of this month, it stated a body had been found on the interstate just outside of town.  They were able to determine that he had been struck by a semi truck, and have since been looking for witnesses and the driver of the…

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