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Today has been awesome.  I got 3 hours of continuous sleep.  Yay!  No nightmares.  Shoutout to estrella1982 for suggesting I look into lucid dreaming.  It’s fascinating, and I’ll absolutely be utilizing the technique.  I started my dosage change today.  Prozac has a long half life, so it’ll be about a month before the change takes…

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Laughing It Off

It dipped into the frost range last night.  Well, this morning.  It’s currently 34 degrees F.  It’s going up to 55 later.  Our state population doubles today as the hunters come to hunt pheasant.  Sometimes I go to the airport and watch them land and gather their gear.  But not today.  We have a spa…

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I’ve been watching Louie on Amazon Video.  Several times, it’s made me laugh so hard I had to pause it until I could regroup.  He’s hilarious.  He’s extremely offensive, yet he somehow gets you to laugh at the most absurd things imaginable.  Like when his 5-year-old daughter told him she loves Mommy more than him.…

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