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Adele is So Dope

I’m headed to Denver on the 23rd.  I’m excited to go, even though it’ll be a short trip.  I’m too cat-paranoid to go for more than 4 days.  Plus I’m a homebody, so anything longer would just make me anxious anyway.  I’ve had a headache all day today.  Not debilitating, just constant and annoying.  I…

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That Was Awkward

I spent some time working on the new site today.  I don’t have a launch date yet, but I did get some advisors who will help keep it focused and positive.  I’m so delighted that they agreed.  I also got help on some wording I was struggling with.  I’m learning a lot about respectful ways…

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Violence Overload

Another school shooting.  This time in Oregon and last I checked, 14 dead and 20 or so wounded. Yesterday we had one locally, but fortunately, only the school principal was shot, and he was back at school today.  The kid who shot him was only 16, and is going to be tried as an adult…

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