Now the goal there is to actually get the waistband on top of the head.

I was going to write about this earlier, but I got distracted.  When I was growing up, my parents taught me racism was an action.  It was an act of deliberately mistreating someone based on their race.  I despise racism, like most people; it’s evil.  I’ve noticed others who define it differently, and it disturbs me.  Prejudice means making assumptions about someone based on pre-existing perceptions rather than personal observation and interaction.  It’s a lot like being ignorant out loud.  Ignorance is accepting opinion as fact rather than seeking factual information.  In this age of information, ignorance and laziness are too often synonymous.

I see people confusing racism and prejudice, and it saddens me.  Individuals who are merely prejudiced are subject to the wrath meant for racists.  Not okay.  You don’t help someone outgrow a misconception by accusing them of being a racist when they’ve committed no racist acts.  That’s abusive and false.  Institutional racism exists, which means accuracy is critical.  Better to walk away with hurt feelings than to falsely accuse.  Put that weapon on safe until it’s truly needed.

I’m a Gen-X’er.  Racism has always been front and center in my life.  Being of mixed race, then interracially adopted in infancy guaranteed this.  I don’t have the option of ignoring the issue.  Fortunately, in Sioux Falls, racism is exceedingly rare.  I’ve had incidents with prejudice and ignorance.  Prejudice has caused problems when I’ve sought medical care at the VA a few times.  In both instances, the Patient Care Advocate resolved them quickly and to my satisfaction.

I’ve never reported a human being for committing racism against me because no person has ever done so in my entire life.  There were a few controversial incidents when I was in primary school, but they were too subtle for me to discern at that age, so they don’t count.  I’ve been annoyed on Twitter (called a stupid nigger repeatedly before I blocked), but that was ignorance.  Because Twitter (and the internet) are voluntary and my access within my control, no foul.  I’m glad Twitter is cracking down on hate because it’s startlingly contagious.  (It works the same way as the Jedi Mind Trick.)

The point to this information sharing is my desire to extinguish the disturbance in the force.  There is an awful lot of hate floating around presently.  The disturbing part is many who are feeling this hatred are good, decent people who are struggling to process the election results.  Please don’t use that as an excuse to be hateful.  You don’t get to dictate the thoughts and actions of others.  You can influence them if they want to listen, but no more.  Hating people is wrong.  It leads to premature death.  We’ve been over this.  Hate is self-destruction.

I hope everyone is recovering well.  I know it’s agonizing.  Life was hard before the election and will continue to be in the future.  We have each other.  That’s more than enough because we’re awesome.  I know what I’m going to do.  I’m starting a foundation.  The goal will be to identify brilliant innovators of the future.  Most of them are currently under 30, many far younger.  When I find them, I’m going to give them everything I can to help them get the education and resources they need to make their vision a financial success.  Kind of a Kickstarter for careers.

Further, I’m going to give everything I’ve been working on since I was 12 to a child also interested in developing true AI.  The search for my young prodigy is underway.  I’ll continue to support this effort until my time is up.  My discoveries will save time in a time-consuming endeavor.  I’m pleased by this.  I love the fact that so much incredible innovation includes the efforts of many others working silently toward similar goals.  I’m one of those quiet ones working obsessively toward the same purpose as many others in my field.  Whenever I notice new progress, I replay a NASA victory video in my mind.

This new generation is not keen on mandatory employment for the sake of tradition.  Millenials don’t want to spend their entire lives juggling bills and paychecks.  They know it’s bullshit and won’t play along with our tired old ways.  We have to change because they’re right.  Not everyone needs to work.  Not everyone should work.  Many people have been abused and neglected over how we finance this nation.  You can’t call it the richest country in the world when there are homeless people, uninsured people, and hungry people living here.  It doesn’t work that way.

The United States of America has a lot of money, but we’re far from rich.  We spend most of our money on security, (military, etc.).  After that, we pay corruption tax.  It’s unbelievably high.  The actual numbers are unknown, but the estimates make me cry.  Nothing else bears mentioning.  There’s enough that no American should ever be hungry, uneducated, uninsured, or homeless.  No American should ever die from lack of access to medical care.  This is why we’re not a wealthy country.  It’s obscene to have a few with more than they could ever use in their lifetime while many are forced to go without their most basic needs fulfilled.

Until we overcome this shameful truth, we’re not rich.  Rewarding those whose innovations create our nation’s wealth is right, but not to an unsustainable extreme.  The CEO’s taking in more per anum than produced by small countries are a big part of the problem.  Nobody did anything worth $20 million in my lifetime, let alone in just 2016.  I have no respect for any of them.  They’re aware of the fact that others are dying from curable ailments and hunger within miles of their McMansions.  They don’t give a fuck because they feel they’re entitled to their astonishingly disproportionate rewards.  These aren’t Americans; they’re little nations consisting of a tax dodging oligarch and their subjects.

The obvious solution will eventually be corporations replacing nations.  They’ll demand more from their employees, including loyalty and patriotism.  Getting a job will be more like joining the military is today.  It’ll be a huge commitment.  The people who want to work will generate more than enough to keep all Americans fed, housed, and healthy.  I’ll be one who works.  Most of my friends will pursue their creativity and interests.  Our contributions to society will no longer be miscalculated or measured.  We failed miserably with this concept.

The value of a human being is not measured by how much money they make.  The people with the most money are not more or less valuable than those who have none.  Overwhelming greed needs to be a punishable crime.  Taking more than you need is wrong.  Especially if doing so means others get none.  When you were a child, you were taught to share and punished if you refused.  If one sibling got none because you took too much, you were in for it.  Sharing remains the proper behavior when living on a planet with limited resources and more than one person.  You were taught this in preparation for living harmoniously on Earth.

When everyone works together, we can build America into the innovation incubator she was meant to be.  There are thousands of people with excellent ideas, designs, inventions, etc. living here right now.  Those who love doing what they do, and are great at doing it.  We need to make certain they get the resources they need to create the amazing things and ideas that generate more than enough funds to make the American Dream a reality for all of America.

We need to make sure those who don’t want to work have what they need, including their dignity.  It’s not contingent on employment.  Dignity is a birthright that can only be relinquished by its owner.  There’s more to life.  Mandatory work has taken a huge toll on the self-esteem of those who are disabled or would rather pursue other passions.  When a large number of people have their self-esteem shat upon by policy, it leads to a lot of problems.  That needs to go away.

We like to praise people we view as valuable.  The variety of individuals who receive this recognition is mindboggling.  We need to go back to merit based recognition, because of Kardashians and the like.  Their recognition far surpasses their value, (if there is any I can’t find it.)  Celebrating average is dangerous to society as a whole.  It devalues excellence.  Rewarding someone for publicly violating all seven deadly sins is seven levels of hypocrisy in our allegedly “Christian” nation.

If you’re interested in helping with my foundation, let me know.  Any ideas will get my delight and gratefulness.  It’s not a new-since-the-election pursuit.  It’s just moved from hobby to priority.  I’m back to serving my country to the best of my ability.  In my mind, I’m helping humans, but I know people are still keen on differentiating by geographic location.  Another pursuit is proper housing and community support for families with neurodiverse members.  I’ll share about how that’s going another time.  I’m off to read.

George and I will miss your company.

The checks and balances system in America is as broken as the electoral system. Everyone games the system. The bipartisanship is a dead horse that nobody will drag out of the room. The Democrats are just as corrupt as the Republicans. Both parties are so disconnected from the people they purport to serve, it’s shameful. They abandoned us, the people, long ago. It’s all about power and money. Bernie Sanders and the few other honorable members of Congress are surrounded by bloodthirsty monsters in a foul swamp of greed.

These are not representatives of the American people. Some are an embarrassment to the human species, to be honest. We did this to ourselves. We weren’t diligent in protecting our freedoms and values. We were too busy living our lives, raising our children, building our careers, fighting for equality, and educating our minds, etc. Those of us who are living the American Dream are the ones who let America down. The Dream isn’t free. It requires effort to keep it alive. We failed in that effort, and now The Dream is being raped. I hate to use that word, but it fits perfectly.

We who have jobs, pay taxes and live in our communities are responsible for keeping our way of life possible. It doesn’t just happen by itself. We have to pay attention to who’s running for office, and how those who succeed perform once they’re elected. We need to hold them accountable for the money they accept from lobbyists in exchange for votes. If they fail to represent us, vote them the fuck out of office.

From now on, we need to take our citizenship seriously. We need to set aside the little bit of time it takes to stay informed and demand real representation. There are Americans who depend on us to do the right thing. Everyone under eighteen, for starters. We don’t even need to look beyond that group. The next time you catch yourself jumping on the anti-millennial bandwagon, remember how hard you fucked them by being a lazy citizen, first. Not so funny anymore, eh? They said negative things about us too, we just didn’t give a fuck, because that was our thing. Don’t be your parents. Look at them as the individuals they are, and you’ll see what I see. We’ll be fine if we get off our edgy asses and vote responsibly.

I’ve lost some friends because I refuse to hate Trump supporters. That was convenient, albeit painful. My love is entirely conditional. I’ll curb a hater in a heartbeat. Writing off a large number of people as dumb, (or more offensive words), is intellectually lazy. That should be enough said, but consider the topic.

Calling someone dumb is the same as announcing you’re too lazy to bother recognizing their strengths. It means you give up because you don’t want to think anymore while accusing others of being dumb. Don’t do that. Just say you don’t understand their point of view. Accept that some people are always going to see the world differently than you. You don’t get to abuse them for it. Fix your aim on the ones doing the lying. That’s your enemy. Not the ones who fall for their bullshit.

I’ve already seen a few “news stories” about Trump supporters who are now regretting their decision. It’s overt propaganda, but there’s some truth behind it, too. There are a lot of people anticipating Trump being a disaster. Mostly because he has a disastrous history of not paying taxes, but accepting tons of welfare. He’s quite literally a burden on society. He’s only ever taken from America. He’s never given. So yeah, fuck him. I gave more to America before I turned 18 than that piece of shit has in his entire life, and I’m far from alone on that.

2016 sucks ass. I hope Trump steps up to this challenge and does right by us. I have no faith in him, but I’m a glass-half-full type. It’s possible he’s tired of being a piece of shit and is planning on bending over, grabbing his ears, and pulling his head out of his ass, to serve his country honorably for the first time in his life. That would shut me up about it. We’ll see, (because we all know he’s going to be sworn in, treason be damned, sheeple). I’m still having nightmares about what Trump paid his ex 14 million dollars to pretend never happened. So it’s not much hope. Sigh.

Denver bound

I’m off to Denver today. Yay!! I’m excited to go this time.  My anxiety is a little high, but not more than I can handle.  I didn’t sleep well again.  More Trump nightmares.  Sigh.  It’s just so hard to reconcile the fact that it’s 2016, and so many are still ignorant and full of hatred.  I’m trying not to think about the fact that the 2 leading candidates are racists.  I’m not feeling terribly proud to be an American.  For the next few days, I’m going to have fun, and try to forget about the ugliness.  At least I’ll get some sleep.  Hopefully nightmare free.

Kind Hearted Woman

I watched a show on PBS today that wrapped itself around my heart and tugged.  It’s called, Kind Hearted Woman.  I caught it in the middle, but was instantly hooked.  Its a real story about a Native woman from the Spirit Lake reservation in ND.  A woman was comforting her daughter before she went to sleep.  Her daughter had spoken up about being sexually abused by her Dad.  Everything her Mom said to her was so perfect.

She knew exactly what her daughter was feeling, as she’d experienced it herself when she was a child.  I have never seen someone help a child cope with this so well.  It’s not a scripted show. These are real people living within driving distance of me right now.  I immediately picked up on the Native accent.  I grew up with foster siblings from various reservations in SD, so conversing with their families during visits was common throughout my childhood.  They were like extended family to me.  Their kids were usually in foster care because they had a medical condition that couldn’t be properly treated and accommodated on the reservation.

Watching this woman cope with her past, and present while battling for custody of her two children felt like listening to one of my sisters.  She had a lot of things working against her in the episode I watched.  Tribal council law was so unjust.  They blasted her character in an attempt to cover up the sexual abuse issues going on behind closed doors on the reservation.  I haven’t yet seen how it will play out as this was filmed 2 years ago.  I ordered the DVD’s on Amazon, because I have to know that things worked out for her and her children.

I’m so used to being the outsider who never fits in, and is baffled by the behaviors of other people.  I feel a connection with her because I can relate to her struggle in feeling like the world is so confusing, and actively working against her, yet getting up and living life anyway.  It’s a nice feeling.  Like there is someone on this planet with whom I can understand and root for, and hope for her to find lots of joy in her life.