“It’s in my book – ‘Astonishing Tales of the Sea’. Fifty-one people died.”

My new fidgets arrived yesterday.  They’re called CLICKEYbits™.  They’re made from real keys used on mechanical keyboards.  The rest looks 3D printed, but I’m not positive.  I got three different versions.  The Silent (pink, blue, purple, white) has six silent keyboard switches with a super smooth/linear feel.

The Classic (black, red, yellow, blue) has two clicky buttons, two tactile/bump, and two linear/smooth.  The Clicky has all six with clicky switches.


My photography skills still suck.  Heh.  I love all three versions.  The Clicky is my favorite for when I’m alone.  The sound is lovely if you’re the one making it.  However, to anyone else who can hear it, it’s pretty close to torture.

The Classic I’m going to use when M. is home, and only use a clicky key once an hour at most.  I’ll enjoy keeping track of which keys I shouldn’t press.  (I’m weird like that.)  The Silent is the only one I’ll take outside my home.  When I’m anxious, I won’t be able to keep from clicking all the keys obsessively.  I don’t want to suffer unexpected violence, (although I suspect righteously,) for clicking in public.  Heh.

I hope that’s a good hint not to get the clicky ones if you also find yourself nearly frantically doing (often considered) annoying and repetitive things, (damn the world,) when you’re on the verge of panicking in public.  Can I get an amen from my brothers and sisters?  (Serious, not mocking.)

Oh right, the CLICKEYbits™ are fabulous.  I’m particularly fond of the varying amount of force required to depress the different types of keys.  I use mechanical keyboards, so I was already a fan of switch testers.  The Silent version barely requires any force to depress the keys.  I enjoy it because it turns on my gentleness mode.  (Sorry, I can’t think of a more precise means of saying it.)

They’re currently on sale, and mine arrived quickly via USPS.  They were shipped in an appropriately sized box that fit in my apartment package bin.  Yay.  I found them when I checked the mail at midnight.  Heh.  I have insomnia again, but I’ll save that story/review for next time.  (Spoiler:  The Privacy Pop.)  I’m off to read. 💜