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How big a look did you get?

I got all my chores done early this weekend. I canceled the Twilight marathon because I don’t have any shields when I watch movies, and it’s super emo.  I can’t go there right now, but perhaps soon.  I’m too hyper to sit still for long, anyway.  I watched Stevie Nicks Live in Chicago, for a…

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I hear everything.

The Depression Monster has me in a Full Nelson.  (I had to use Wikipedia.)  I’m no longer able to ignore him, but I’m flipping him the bird.  I’ve learned studying Stevie Nicks requires a commitment of sorts.  You have to accept the fact it’s going to hurt sometimes, or you have to move on.  I…

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No, I mentioned the bisque.

Today was frustrating.  I’m taking a medication to lower my T hormone levels, but unfortunately it seems to be working far too well.  Sitting up in bed shouldn’t be this difficult.  Moving and being awake are almost more than I’m able to manage.  I know exactly why it’s happening, and that at least eliminates the sheer…

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