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The show is about nothing!

It’s 68 F here today.  It’s perfect.  Light breeze, sunny, low humidity.  I’ve been doing my chores while watching a Fixer Upper marathon on HGTV.  My sleep issues are bad enough now that I’m going to seriously put forth effort to eliminate them, starting tonight.  The only thing that’s really lacking from my sleep routine…

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Levels, Jerry

I slept last night.  Seven glorious hours in a row.  I feel sluggish and I awoke with a migraine, but other than that, yay!  It’s 39 F, which feels warm to me.  I’m going to do a short run tonight before the temp. drops off.  I have to maintain the balance between keeping my weight…

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Dancing with depression

It’s ridiculously cold.  Last night, it dipped down to -15F with a windchill of -34F.  You’d think this would deter college students from hitting the clubs and returning afterward to hold loud conversations in the parking lot at 2AM.  Between that, and listening to drunken stair climbing, followed by door slams, I was annoyed.  I…

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