I thought we all agreed on Soda.

I had a busy weekend.  I took a short jaunt to Denver, then began my spring cleaning when I got home.  I’m disappointed over the first period I’ve had since the election.  I was hoping so hard it meant I was done with them (early-ish.)  I knew it was too good to be true.  I’m especially eager for this event because I’m sterile, which means it’s unnecessary bullshit no matter my age.  There should be a consolation prize of no periods if you can’t make babies, dammit.  It was probably just stress.  My disappointment level is hovering around saw there was chocolate cake, then found out it was really carrot cake.  

I didn’t sleep at all last night.  I didn’t even bother laying down. I found myself in the middle of a mess at 2 AM.  I almost tripped into panic mode looking at all that stuff that needed to be organized and put away.  I broke it down into smaller tasks and soldiered through.  By the time I finished, my cat was ready to play.  Her favorite time to play is around 3 AM.  Refusing to participate often results in her walking on me like I’m playground equipment.  I’ve yet to successfully ignore this behavior.  Worse, I end up laughing which I’m positive encourages her.

My body is aching like it’s sleeping without my consent.  It’s pleasant weather today, aside from some light rain here and there.  I’m going for a long run in a few.  Exercise is the best way to get rid of cramps for me.  Hopefully, it will increase the chances of my sleeping tonight as well.