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Open the package, Leo.

Saying, I told you so, is not as satisfying when you’re talking to yourself.  At least I can say I saw this coming.  I’m burned out.  I felt inclined to push it because I suspect my social endurance has increased.  It has, but not by as much as I was hoping.  Everything I do right now takes…

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He’s just not spongeworthy

I’m burned out.  I tried to suck it up and drive on.  It’s instinctual for me to force myself to function regardless of how I’m feeling.  I feel poorly.  I’m overwhelmed, and the Depression Monster is beating me about the face and neck.  I’m going to grab my depression box, and do what I know…

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I just can’t spare a square

I’m burned out.  It’s funny, we had a chat about this on Twitter yesterday.  It probably made me more aware of the fact that I’m experiencing it.  My desire to isolate is overwhelming.  I think it’s a combination of depression, not sleeping well, and not running every day.  Running would resolve all of the above.…

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