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Thanks for mutton.

I had a strange dream last night.  It was like being trapped in a novel.  Everything centered around a young child who told lies.  The kid continued to tell lies regardless of the actions taken by adults in an attempt to correct the behavior.  Despite the pattern of misery this created, the child kept lying…

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She’s got the jimmy legs.

The last few days have been odd.  Not in a good or bad way, just different from what I was expecting.  I’m tired, even though I’ve been sleeping more than usual of late.  I’ve been dreaming, and feeling disoriented when I first wake up.  My dreams are disturbing.  They reflect my silent sorrows.  The things…

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I know a secret

I got a little sleep.  Probably about 4 hours.  Good enough.  Two of the women I follow on twitter lost a parent yesterday.  I know how horrific that can be, and both are completely leveled by it.  I think one of the worst parts is the disbelief that you can survive without them.  It’s really…

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