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Letting Go

I’ve spent some time grieving over the recent violence in America.  The fact that I need to qualify that statement is disgusting.  The recent mass shootings in Colorado Springs, and San Bernardino.  Both were committed by people who felt justified in their actions.  Anything further is speculation.  I grieve for the fact that justification for…

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Tolerance Begets Acceptance

It’s hot again.  I’m ready for winter.  I was loving the low 60’s during the day and 30’s at night.  I leave my bedroom window open and snuggle under a super soft blanket.  It’s so soft that my cat refuses to budge when she settles in.  I call her “Middle-of-the-Bed-Fred” when she does this.  It’s…

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I got a job offer in Estonia.  I don’t speak Russian, and I don’t see myself learning Russian in a timely enough manner to take the position.  This was an attractive offer because I like the Russian spirit of brutal honesty.  I like that even their corruption is honest in that they don’t bother to…

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