That doesn’t work, we’ll give ’em Kramer!

Fucking Nazi’s.  Since writing my open letter to the tiki torch-carrying losers, more information about their actions has been revealed through photos and video footage.  And of course, the murder of Heather Heyer.  I can’t pretend to be as shocked as most seem.  The overwhelming ignorance of oppression in America is like forcing the oppressed to smoke two packs of non-filtered cigarettes a day.  We can barely fucking breathe, and people think we experience the same lives they do.  Most non-oppressed people have no fucking idea what we go through.  They’ve seen some videos now, and are starting to believe we struggle, but they STILL don’t get it yet.

They have little frame of reference because they think watching Roots brought them up to speed.  They believe now overt slavery is banned, we’re all living equally ever after.  They think Obama succeeds because of Affirmative Action, rather than sheer will, hard work, and drive most can’t even comprehend. They hate him because his existence reminds them how pathetic they are in comparison.  He achieved something incredible, and instead of motivating them to work harder, it enraged those who don’t even dare try out of fear of having their darkest fear proven correct.  They’re terrified of looking at themselves, because they know there’s nothing great to see.  The utter lack of effort they’ve put into building themselves up destroyed any self-esteem they managed to develop.  They surrendered before even trying because it was easier.

How many of you know someone branded by racist pricks?  I served with someone who bore this scar (while honorably serving the nation that enabled his torture.)  They used the same tools they use to torture livestock.  He escaped before the lynching.  This happened in the 70’s in America before the internet made it easier to expose racist evil.  When I saw his melted, scarred tissue, he quickly covered it and refused to speak of what happened.

I found out when he got drunk one night and sat up telling me his history.  I lost a lot of ignorance and innocence that night.  He was detained by racist fuckwads after school for a beat down, and was injured, (2 broken ribs from being repeatedly kicked while down.)  It made him miss his bus, and he had to walk home alone.  He was ambushed, beaten further, and branded, in preparation for a fucking LYNCHING.

They tried to horrifically murder him for walking down the street with brown skin.  He was a 9-year-old child.  It made me vomit.  My childhood was heaven in comparison.  (The difference being location, location, location.)  My family settled in an area that isn’t dominated by hate, bitterness, ignorance, and fear.  In the south, they celebrate this type of behavior.  Think about that.  This is only one horror story.  There are far, far more.  This one didn’t end in murder, but he’ll bear the scars for life.  I decided that night I’d never visit the Hate States.  I would never willingly go there, knowing evil murderers walk free as a matter of course.

Not everyone in the south has committed such atrocities.  However, everyone in the south lives among these demons.  They’re your neighbors.  You might not be aware of their evil activities.  Our fucking AG (attorney general) is a racist prick who lied under oath and colluded with the enemy to gain his ironic post.  Jeff Sessions is what a demon looks like.  (He’s an angel compared to Mike Pence.)  I wonder how many children he’s tortured and murdered.  I hope he dies in a fire.  I hope all who pose as humans while behaving as demons are annihilated.  They’re enemies of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  They’re traitors to our beloved nation.  Every time they inhale, it’s a tragedy.

Nazi’s need to crawl under a rock and stay hidden until they die as miserably as they lived.  I don’t differentiate between the groups, with all their various disguises.  They’re all one group.  Enemy.  Evangelicals, white supremacists, the GOP, neo-Nazi’s, and whatever other names they’re hiding behind.  All expendable pieces of shit holding America back from achieving further greatness.  All hateful and evil.  All bent on ethnically cleansing the United States of America until all that remains are the privileged:  Those with white skin.

Only, it won’t stop there.  The only way vile pseudo-humans can feel okay about themselves is to belittle and oppress others while falsely inflating their single qualifying attribute, (like 45.)  It’s incredibly weak and evil.  Spoiler alert:  Once the brown people are gone, they’ll turn and come after you.  Do you have brown eyes?  Brown hair?  Freckles?  Maybe that means you’re not actually white.  They don’t use science to make these determinations, so it’s only a matter of time.

And all this evil is made possible by people who only stand up for what they think affects them directly.

It’s the American way.  Nazi’s are exterminating people in vast numbers in concentration camps?  Do we come storming to the rescue?  Fuck no.  We wait until a Divine Wind awakens the Sleeping (self-interested) Giant before we decide this is UNACCEPTABLE FUCKING behavior.  Still, think America is number one?  The world police?  Think again.  America is a fickle bitch who only helps when it’s profitable.  We value money over human life as a nation.  By a long fucking shot, too.  If you come between the rich and their god (money,) some of them will kill you for it.  Not with their own hands, mind you.  They’ll hire someone to do it on their behalf so they can continue pretending their elite.  Koch brothers?  Fucking evil pricks bent on killing the planet to get RICHER THAN THEY ALREADY FUCKING ARE NOW.  They’re enemies of life.  Die. in. a. fucking. fire. Koch. demons.

The only rich people who don’t deserve to perish in a fire are the ones who earned their wealth through success, not through conquest and loopholes.  Most are only rich because of inheritance, fraud, and theft.  They cheated.  They didn’t spend years training themselves to excel as an artist, scholar, inventor, etc.  They haven’t achieved anything.  They got their status for being born.  They got it by a fucking loophole.  They’re pampered and privileged and live in bubbles of unreality.  They don’t live in the real world and aren’t subject to real consequences or strife because their $god protects them.  From everything, including murder.

The sickest part is these loophole lottery winners rarely contribute to humanity in any way.  They don’t create.  They consume disproportionate resources.  They pollute more with their private jets and multiple McMansions.  They usually live and die unnoticed, having done nothing of note.  Most of them aren’t even happy in their perfect lives because they can’t trust anyone to love them sincerely.  Here’s a hint:  It’s because you bypassed the type of life that leads to good character.  You were too busy being pampered and elitist to deign to even speak to someone who isn’t worth a billion dollars, so you don’t know anyone who isn’t a human decoration with no purpose but to consume and look cute while doing it.  Sad!

It pisses me off because it’s such a waste.  What if  Einstein had a father like 45, and was rewarded for existing?  What if his potential was smothered with excess and sycophancy?  Those who put forth nothing and gain everything are a waste of oxygen, a bad example to those more impressionable than reasonable, and a drain on our planet’s resources with zero returns.  If a leech attaches to your body, you pull it off and shudder in disgust.  Why aren’t we doing the same with the parasites draining the lifeblood out of America?  I don’t understand why we continue jumping off the cliff like fucking lemmings.  The only way I can conjure an explanation is to accept the planet is rejecting homo sapiens as a species.

It would explain why we aid in our own murders.  Why we venerate our killers rather than annihilating them.  We as a nation are fucking pathetic because we usually don’t give a fuck until it hurts.  Short-sightedness, ignorance, and evil are steering humanity toward utter destruction.  We’re failing at survival because a few fuckwads want more wealth than they’ve already stolen.  It’s never enough because it doesn’t fill the void where their souls should be.  Instead of recognizing this, they just keep taking more.  Allowing them to continue is America’s shame and pending destruction.

If there is consciousness after death, and I highly doubt it, we’ll just use it to lament our pathetic failure to survive.  It’s easier to give up, surrender, look away, walk away, and pretend it’ll all go away if we do nothing.  We’re dying as a species because life took too much effort for some people to bother even trying to live honorably.  I’m starting to think it might be for the best.  When I see Nazi’s brutalizing citizens while openly brandishing weapons so powerful the police take cover, I think maybe homo sapiens is a virus, and the planet would be better off without us.

My protective nature is beginning to recognize the planet is more worthy of saving than we who are destroying it.  I’m starting to think I’ve wasted my life loving humans more than trees and seas.  I’m finding it harder to recognize our potential as a species because it’s buried under so much hate it can only be seen with faith.  Why?  Because a few are unbelievably evil, and for some reason, we don’t kill them for it.  We let them lay waste unmolested and pretend we couldn’t prevent it.  We all lose if we don’t stop them.  Our extinction event is set to be self-destruction.  No comets, aliens, or zombies necessary.

You have nothing better to do at 3 o’clock in the afternoon?

If everyone always agreed with me, I would be horrified silently.

I don’t believe in imaginary friends, like Safety and Security.

I won’t stand on your shoulders, but beside you in unity.

We must observe and witness carefully.

There’s a demon on an evil spree.

It’s going after the vulnerable, and free.

What will come will come, and be what be,

it will all be remembered in history.


So you want to go out in a final blaze of incompetence.


Another week of lies from 45 and his minions, followed by another vacation at taxpayer expense.  It’s “Do as I say, not as I do,” the In Your Face Edition.  As his support continues to dwindle to all time lows at this stage of the presidency, 45 continues to go after the media.  He’s trying so hard to follow Hitler’s script, but he’s even failing at failing.  Hitler was addicted to meth during his madness.  Cocaine seems to be what 45 prefers.  Sniff.

Whenever I see his self-inflicted ugly, I see hysterical fear; the unfortunate side effect of those who habitually step on others.  Most Americans learn on the playground to avoid stepping on others.  It almost always ends in violence.  For some reason, 45 has made it to what is clearly the winter of his lifespan without learning this.  He behaves so much like an unsupervised toddler, it’s embarrassing.

The overwhelming fears that drive 45 and many of his most devout followers come from an undeniable recognition of deserved retaliation.  These fools know they’ve stepped on so many to get where they are now, they can’t possibly escape the consequences.  They fully expect those bills to come due at any moment and behave accordingly.  They’re constantly looking over their shoulder for that long overdue payback.

Frankly, I’m impressed 45 has enough sense to be afraid all the time.  I didn’t think the ignoramus was capable of deciphering the consequences of his actions.  Or perhaps Bannon told him.  That’s more likely.  A lot of the GOP leaders show this fear.  I don’t think they know they’re naked.  Again, embarrassing.  They gather behind closed doors to scheme about ways of stepping on more and more people.  Republicans think money can protect them from reality.

I suppose I shouldn’t find that shocking.  Especially not when I consider how many Republicans believe sitting in church for an hour a week makes them a Christian.  Or dodging taxes makes them intelligent.  It’s as funny to me as the atheists who think being an atheist makes them brilliant.  My atheism hasn’t impacted my intellect.  (All it’s done so far is make me think about religion far more often.  It’s fucking annoying.)

Reality doesn’t cease existing because you cover your eyes.  Personally, I found Peek-a-boo convincing.  Some obviously didn’t.  I’m not looking forward to watching 45 face the consequences of his actions.  I hate seeing people suffer.  It doesn’t matter if I think they deserve it or not.  I just don’t like it at all.  I feel like I’m watching a vulnerable boy hold his hand over a fire.  He won’t stop, and the flame is already touching his skin.  I can almost feel his pain.  I don’t know how to harden myself or cover my eyes.  So I fight.

I know where 45 is headed, and I refuse to follow.  I’ve been fighting for my right to exist my entire life.  I’m far from alone, and many who haven’t had to fight are joining the battle out of righteousness.  I know from history these warriors who seem to have nothing at stake often turn out to be the most fierce among us.  I embrace all who fight against the wickedness unleashed by the GOP.  I’m fighting for the future of humanity.  I’m fighting with everything I have.

It’s a Ziggy!

I’m trying to refrain from stating, “That escalated quickly.”  The fact there’s a Russian spy ship in International waters off the east coast near Delaware tempted me.  That’s not the only posturing by Putin, either.  It would seem someone has fucked up, and Putin is pissed.  Who could it be?  Is it 45?  Possibly.  I’m not certain, as 45 isn’t the type of guy you rely on for results.  Putin doesn’t come off as terribly trusting to me.  I don’t think he put anything crucial in the tiny orange hands of 45.  Just the public face of the operation.  Let’s face it.  Blackmailing 45 isn’t difficult.  He’s a disaster.  I think it was the Flynn resignation.

Apparently, very few are inclined to blackmail a failed businessman with self-esteem issues.  He was broke.  He couldn’t get any more loans.  He was comedy fodder at best.  I predict he shall remain so, but the jokes will get meaner.  He was a delicious target for Putin.  It took so little effort for an ex-KGB to outwit 45, I almost feel sorry for him.  I thought I was naive, but holy shit.  Even I know if you’re in Russia, you’re being videotaped, and that footage is being stored for its potential usefulness in the future.  It’s a shame 45 isn’t a reader.  It might have saved him.

I’m inclined to think Putin has blackmail footage that keeps 45 up at night drinking with Bannon, (who looks like he hasn’t showered or sobered up in ages.)  He’s pulling some of 45’s strings, too.  A lot of extremists are heavily invested in 45.  Selling promises always ends in tears.  The KKK and radical pseudo-Christians share an agenda, which is telling as fuck.   Those groups paid for the Muslim ban, but are dissatisfied with the results thus far.  They might try to push the issue by doing something like releasing 45’s tax returns.

I’ll grant them one thing; they’re forcing 45 to work for the first time in his life.  He doesn’t like it.  It wears him out and forces him to take vacations where he violates security protocol in startling manners.  45 doesn’t read.  Of course, he didn’t read the fucking manual for being the president.  He was too busy gloating about how he won the election (by cheating and treason).  He didn’t realize being the alleged leader of the free world entailed long hours and hard work.  The bubble told him his job was still playing golf poorly and throwing parties with $200,000 invitations to increase his personal ill-gotten wealth.

If 45’s tax returns go public, he’ll likely die in prison.  He won’t release them of his own volition because he knows this.  He can’t prove he acquired that much money legally.  DeVos gave him 200 million dollars for his campaign (and her position).  That was legal.  Apparently, that’s a small amount compared to what Putin paid to buy the presidency for his tiny-fingered puppet.  Enough to break a treaty.  I guess between $5 billion and $15 billion.  The internet is Putin’s cash cow.

Everything about RussiaGate is in keeping with the Russian reputation of making big things happen with little resources.  It pisses me off how vulnerable we are to such simple tactics.  I don’t think anyone is questioning Putin’s intellect, but he doesn’t bother with stealth.  I suppose that’s also in keeping with Russian reputations.  Blatant corruption.  The black market driven economy allows their villains to go unmasked.  If you don’t like it, they kill you.  Everyone understands and lives accordingly.  Or not.  The best killer gets to be the god of Russia.  That’s Putin right now.  But rest assured, others would kill to have his job.

The Russian people are pragmatic.  They understand the rules of their land.  They possess a type of strength most overlook.  They endure.  They’re resigned to their situation because they know death is their only escape.  Russia means stoic to me.  I live in a part of America where many immigrated from Europe.  The kids I grew up with were often of Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, or German descent.  They found hope and joy in America, so it’s not the people, it’s the environment.  I hope one day Russia becomes a joyful place to live for the sake of her people.  Maybe after all the Putin’s kill each other off.

I should probably be afraid of things escalating further with Russia.  Instead, I’m a tiny bit excited.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate war.  I hate violence.  I just like isolating patterns in strategies.  I love patterns.  I was obsessed with Chess as a kid.  It led to my current board game addiction, but I don’t bother with Chess anymore.  It’s a gateway game.  Right now, Putin is gaming America through 45 and his evil minions.  He’s used to a country where the people are resigned to corruption.  America is hope.  We have expectations and scream loudly when our way of life is threatened.  We continue to scream until the corrupt who reach too far are put in check.  Otherwise, we’d lose our hope.  We’re too attached, and 45’s most loyal fans will kick him to the curb as soon as they realize he’s fucked them.  Americans love freely, but we’re also quick to get really fucking pissed off when people deliberately fuck with us.

I’m just watching and waiting.  As soon as 45’s fanatics see him for the piece of shit he truly is, they will turn around and attack with ferocity.  I’ll welcome them back to being patriotic Americans.  We all fuck up sometimes.  What’s important is constantly striving to be the best possible you.  Get up, brush yourself off, and join the fight.  Mistakes have the awesome side effect of making us wiser.  All we have to do is recognize them, then abandon them.  Or you can be like 45, and keep making the same mistakes over and over until you end up wearing orange on top of being orange.  Don’t be like 45.



Those are my everyday balloons.

From this day forth, the walking orange boil growing on the white house shall be known as 45.


The visual reference is not my design, and the designer is unknown.  If you know, please state the artist in comments.  I’m astonished and saddened by what I see in America today.  So many who supported and voted for 45 are about to lose affordable access to healthcare.  Most of them have less than $1000 in savings if any.  Most of America would be devastated by the loss of a single months income.  How many have families who can help out financially in a crisis?  For how long?  When so many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, and living paycheck to paycheck, I wonder at the value of a beautiful three bedroom two bathroom house.  Who will be in the market to buy property when the majority are in debt?  What is the value of all the updates and work you’ve done over decades to increase the value of your home when so many others did the same thing with the same expectations?

I’ve never believed in land ownership.  It astonishes me that people think they can own land.  In reality, you can buy land, but you can’t own it.  The government has the option of defending the land we call America.  The military is capable.  Civilians feel confident about purchasing plots of dirt because they think the government will enforce the laws that protect ownership.  They see it as an investment.  They’re deluded, but they were lead on by thousands before them.  If you can’t physically defend the dirt you bought, it’s not yours.  It’s only yours as long as you can prevent someone else from taking it.

While we all stand by and watch 45 arrogantly break the laws and constitution of our government, while railing against the legal system, please pay attention.  Pay attention to how the built-in checks and balances perform.  Are they keeping the three branches of government in check?  Or is 45 the only power remaining?  Do our elected representatives use their position to protect our rights and interests, or are they filling their own pockets while emptying ours?  There are a lot of people in congress who only represent their wallet and personal image.  They don’t give a flying fuck about their constituents.  We’re an inconvenient annoyance they can easily ignore.  Watch how they respond to their constituents when they’re angry.  Do they speak with them, and seek strategies to represent the people better?  Or do they hire security and turn off their phones?  When is the last time you saw your representative?  Do you think they work for you?

Do you think your representatives are living paycheck to paycheck, and are about to lose access to affordable health care?  Don’t be silly.  My House Rep. makes $174,000/year (before bribes).  The median income for my state is $48,000/year.  They all have excellent health care.  We pay for theirs, but they don’t even want to allow ours to be affordable.  I bet they have more than $1000 in savings, too.  They aren’t worried about the mortgage, or the fact that they owe more than their home is worth.  Many of them own property in the D.C. area in addition to their homes in our states.  They aren’t making minimum wage, but many of them are fighting to keep minimum wage below the poverty line.  Who the fuck do they represent?

I vomited when Betsy DeVos was appointed.  I’m still in shock.  It’s comparable to appointing Bernie Madoff as Secretary of Treasury.  The woman is an ignoramus of astonishing proportions.  She was concerned about all the bears invading public schools.  Have you ever heard of a bear invading a school?  Not even on Little House on the Prairie.  She’s in charge of education.  She bought the position by donating to 45’s campaign.  It’s called a bribe.  Remember when 45 proudly proclaimed he paid for his campaign?  It was bullshit, much like every other word that exits his facial anus.  He lied to ignorant people, and they believed him.  They still believe him.  They get all their information from Fox News.  Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News.  The same Rupert Murdoch who had a meeting with 45 to discuss the content of Fox News.

Fox News will only show what 45 wants his flock to know.  They’re not allowed to watch other news channels.  It’s forbidden because 45 said it’s fake news.  So they continue feeding on his lies and think it’s truth.  They believe they’re behaving like Christians by blindly thinking what 45 tells them to think.  They haven’t caught on yet that 45 is going to fuck them.  He’s going to fuck them so hard.  Many of them are going to die before 45 finishes fucking them.  They are going to die for 45’s lies.  I know I’m supposed to feel self-righteous, or something, but I don’t.  I don’t feel good about the fact that so many who support 45 are going to suffer for it.  I feel sick about it.  I don’t want them to come to harm.  I want to protect them, even though I know they don’t care about me.

It would be easy to write them off and adopt a careless attitude.  Turning my back would be simple.  But that would be so weak.  It would be pathetic to feel joy over someone else’s pain.  That’s the mindset of a loser.  I’m not a loser.  I care about humans.  They matter to me.  I want our species to survive and expand throughout the galaxy and beyond.  You’d think most people would want this same goal, but I seem to be in the minority.  The majority are only concerned with getting by.  Shortsightedness is an enemy of the future.  It’s a symptom of being owned.  I had time to wrap my head around the concept of being owned by my government when I served in the military.  It’s a painful recognition process.  Most Americans don’t know they’re owned.  It’s a comfortable state of denial that’s about to get desperately uncomfortable for those who are living paycheck to paycheck.

I can’t find any joy in knowing my neighbors are being fucked over by the people they voted into office to protect their interests.  Their crime was ignorance.  You don’t punish ignorance, you educate it.  Unfortunately, 45 is the puppet of evil.  He’s a willing participant in the rape of America.  He’s not the first rapist or the second.  His strings are being pulled by evil men hiding in the shadows.  They hide because they’re ashamed of their insatiable greed.

They’re terrified of We the People.  Did you see Betsy DeVos rush to her SUV while We the People chanted shame?  She was terrified.  She knows her appointment is evil.  She hides behind the Christian card, like so many others.  DeVos knows if she associates herself with Christianity, she can do whatever she wants, and the American slaves will cheer.  But just in case we don’t cheer loudly enough, 45 will round up all the non-Christian slaves, and remove them.

If you don’t believe me, ask yourself why Border Patrol agents need to know someone’s religion before they can enter our nation.  Our country that was allegedly founded on religious freedom.  Those pilgrims who fled here from England to practice their religion, rather than the mandatory Church of England.  To reject Muslims based on their being Muslims is evil.  Evil.

There is no such thing as a billionaire Christian.  It’s an oxymoron.  The act of being a billionaire defies Christianity.  There is no way to reconcile hoarding a billion dollars while humans on the same planet are dying from starvation.  This is a simple fact.  Bill and Melinda Gates are not professed Christians.  They’re decent people.  They believe in humanity and goodness and live what they believe.  They don’t think they’re obligated to give but do anyway.  They give more than money, too.

But they are still billionaires on a planet where people die every day from starvation.  Decent is not the same as Christian.  I respect both, but I’m clear on the difference.  Jesus was clear in the Holy Bible as well.

I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

You’ve seen a needle and a camel.  You get the gist.  It’s not rocket science.  I’m more inclined to believe this:

Books of ancient riddles and other peoples lives, used to control the masses.  Read between the lies.

I believe religion exists to control the masses.  Beyond that, my thoughts about religion are opinions.  As an American, I protect the right for other Americans to choose what they believe within the law.  Unlike sexuality, religion is a choice.  If Americans continue to abuse this right, I will continue to fight them.  Extremists claim to be Muslim or Christian to further their agenda, but their actions disprove this.  Extremists are violent and hateful.  They refuse to accept anyone’s view but their own and want to kill anyone who disagrees.  Extremists are expendable.  But Muslims and Christians are not.  Catholics are not.  Mormons are not.  Scientologists are hostages but are not expendable.  Extremists are terrorists.  They look like humans, but they are the enemy of life and our future.

Extremists kill people.  They usually find elaborate excuses to justify their actions, but it’s always bullshit.  Killing people is wrong.  Killing leads to more killing. There are over seven billion reasons why killing is wrong.  Many who are expendable are unaware of their status because they buy their own justifications.  I’m happy to share what I know.  I am aware that the GOP and 45 want to repeal Obamacare/ACA first, then think of a replacement.  Why would that matter to them?  I believe they know exactly how many Americans will die without affordable healthcare.  They know exactly which Americans will die, too.

First, they eliminate the most vulnerable.  The disabled, sick,  and elderly who depend on medication to live.  We can’t wait for the GOP to get around to writing a new affordable healthcare plan.  Not only because we know they have no intentions of doing any such thing, but because we’ll die when we run out of medication we can’t afford to purchase.  We can’t afford to buy it because it’s rare when we can find and maintain gainful employment.  (If you think Social Security disability insurance will cover both food and medication, you’re mistaken.  When they take away Social Security, eating and medicine go with it.)  It’s rare because businesses tend to avoid hiring disabled people.  They tend to avoid it because they’re ignorant of what some of us have to contribute, and would rather we were all invisible.  We’re an easy target, and the script was conveniently assembled and tested by the Nazi’s.

Eugenics is inevitable on an overcrowded planet ruled by greed.  The GOP usually hates science, but when it comes to eugenics, they’re fine with exceptions.  The alleged richest nation on earth doesn’t have enough money to allow disabled, elderly, and sickly to continue living.  But spends trillions on the military.  They know the average American is too lazy to read.  Journalists have been reporting scandals and corruption all along, but they require readers.  The government doesn’t want Americans to be informed.  Reading leads to discovering information they’d rather we didn’t know.  They have a lot to hide from the American public.  A lot.

After we die off (and don’t worry, it won’t take long), they’ll move on to the next step.  I’ll be dead, so of course, this shouldn’t concern me.  But I can’t help it.  I care.  I’m upset that a lot of 45’s supporters are going to die sooner because 45 tricked them.  I hate that type of behavior.  I get all protective when I see my neighbors getting fucked over.  I literally put my life on the line to keep Americans safe.  I served my country, unlike 45.  He only takes.  He’s not a giving person.  He won’t even pay his fucking bills.  He worships gold.  It distracts him from the fact that he’s a worthless piece of shit and a loser of epic proportions.

If I were as big a loser as 45, I’d resign, knowing it would be my first real act of public service.