“We just tease someone until they develop an eating disorder.”

old tires

Welp.  It’s been a long week, and it’s only Wednesday.  I stressed myself out and ended up seeking out my big sister for advice.  She’s close in age with Stevie Nicks. (Yes, it suddenly makes her cooler.)  She helped me calm down, mostly.

I freak out about things with which I have no control like I’m being paid.  I’m having a hard time refraining from beating myself up.  It seems like a logical reaction when I’m the cause.

I’m functioning on auto-pilot too much.  I burned my hand while soldering earlier by reaching for the iron without looking up.  I left my eyes in my other world again.  Along with my brain.  Sigh.  At least it’s not severe.


I’m assembling DIY kits for the kids in the afterschool program in Denver.  They teach basic electronics and soldering.  Today’s youth need to know how to recycle and repair electronics.

I’m still working on my guide to going off the grid (for free.)  Today’s trash is tomorrows treasure.  Scavenging, repairing, refurbishing, etc. are the skills I’m interested in of late.  Water purification and desalination are up there, too.

M. and I are headed to Colorado to plant more trees.  I’m not bringing a laptop this time.  I need to unplug for a while.  M. has a meeting in Denver, but otherwise, it’ll just be a mini vacation.  I’ll soon be off to play in the dirt and let go of what isn’t working, or needs freed.  Peace.

“You can’t go in there, brazenly flaunt the rules, and then think I’m gonna share with you!”

We’re going home tomorrow, (early.)  I miss Amelia Bedelia.  I also miss my weighted blanket.  My stamina for being away from home is low.  My brain is threatening a slow reboot.  Naturally, I’ve done much better with pacing myself today.  (Nothing like a little motivation fear.)  😂

I watched the new Jerry Seinfeld special on Netflix.  He had me laughing so hard I had to run around a little.  I thought only Wanda Sykes and Dave Chappelle could do that to me.  I was mistaken.  I’m a tiny bit disappointed I didn’t grow out of laughing until it feels like my bones are jelly.

Adulthood has been laughing at my poorly conceived expectations for decades.  It’s not as bad as the post-crying hiccups during the audible winding down process I still go through after every cry, I guess.  Sigh.  I know these aren’t relevant indications of being grown, (but my ego begs to differ.)

Dammit, Ego.  Go lay by your bowl.  I’m having a day.  I’ve decided not to classify it, (my life, my rules.)  I still play by the same life rules I learned as a child.  If I call the front seat, it’s no longer available to whoever decides it’s not fair.  Because rules.

The only problem with this strategy is the fact not everyone is still playing.  I seriously hope refusing to play causes premature aging.  Wow.  I’m kinda mean today.  But come on!  Get with the program, people who think calling it doesn’t count.  It counts!  There’s no logical reason to abandon rules created to increase harmony among people.  Nada.

I’m going to miss Lyft.  I went to Target to buy some candy, earlier.  I’ve wanted to do this many times, but didn’t because at home, Target is deep in the no-driving zone, (for me.) Weekend driving near the mall is beyond my frustration tolerance as well as my driving skill.  Ordering candy from Amazon sucks.  By the time it arrives, the desire is long gone.

It leaves me with enough time to remember the Basic Training Candy Binge that led to the Projectile Rainbow Hurling Incident.  (I can talk about it now, because I already ate my candy.)  I’m good for about a year.  Whew.  I think sitting still and typing this nonsense has helped me settle.  Tomorrow will be here before I notice.  Yay.  Peace.  💜

“The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances.”


Happy Festivus, one and all!  I’m pleased to report I’m no longer a peon at work, but in negotiations to be a part owner.  It’s kind of funny I had to take a risk to convince someone else to do the same.  I’m such a soldier.

I’m back in Denver with M. in tow.  We’re staying for the holiday.  It was a last minute decision, which usually levels me at this time of year.  Fortunately, it was my idea.  (It just isn’t a holiday without being stressed out.)  We both have family here, too.

I’m mostly thinking about my new project and brainstorming ideas.  I’m also trying to rehydrate, which is why I’m still awake.  (I don’t want my black to crack.)  On my brief stop at home, I picked up my new hair products from Form Beauty.

I opened and smelled them, and they’re very lightly scented to me, which means they’re probably unscented to most people.  I’m thrilled with the presentation, amount of product, free sample (perfect for travel,) and the minimalist design of the bottles.  I’ve only used the hair lotion so far, but it’s fabulous.

I love how the site asks excellent questions about your hair and routine, then figures out the best hair care regimen for each individual.  Such as the fact I wash my hair daily because I run, and I cross train with swimming.  These are important things to consider before choosing what will work best with my hair.  (They do this for every hair type, so check them out if you have hair.)  I’m off to try sleeping.  Happy holidays to those who celebrate.


“Next thing you know you’re saying they should have their own schools!”


I feel like I’ve gotten a second wind.  (It probably just means I’ve recovered homeostasis.)  Before I forget, any geniuses who want me to link their blog, I’m happy to oblige.  You don’t have to be autistic.  I’d love to add links to our allies;  people who support actually autistic people as a self-advocating group endeavoring to improve our access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I enjoy celebrating and encouraging others who are driven to be their best self.  If that’s you, dear genius, just let me know in the comments section below.  🙃  I know I go on and on about how amazing humans are as a species, but in my line of work (AI dev), this is reiterated on a daily basis.

One of the blogs I follow is Editing AdvantageEA just graduated with a bachelors degree in English.  (You know Ms. Grammatically Challenged is wicked impressed.)  I hope you all take a moment to congratulate her.  I’m definitely going to hire her the next time I need to write an investment prospectus.

I’m heading to Denver tomorrow to meet with a new client.  I’m excited as I’ll be designing a custom musical instrument for a musician with a recent spinal chord injury.  I discussed my latest project of creating an electronic drum kit for a drummer with cerebral palsy (my bro) to a former client.  They were intrigued and mentioned me to the new client.  It led to a long FaceTime chat and a new project.  Yay.

My boss said go for it, as long as I don’t quit.  I have mixed feelings about that conversation, but it’ll keep for now.  M. is supportive of my plan to pay back Stevie Nicks, (Amy Lee, Beyoncè, Sheryl Crow, Eminem, etc.) for all they’ve given me through their words and music by paying it forward.  (He agrees it’s a better idea than trying to figure out how to send them more shit that will likely confuse them at best, from someone they were previously unaware existed.)  😂

Back to Hogwarts to learn more wisdom.  Peace.



She didn’t know about pasteurization, he didn’t know about fumigation, but they made it work!

Okay.  So I said I wasn’t going to blog anymore.  (And repeatedly whined about how tired I am…  And may have even implied my life is harder than everyone else’s…)  Yep.  I remember.  Welp.  I changed my mind.  Turns out I’m not too tired to blog, and my life isn’t harder than yours.  I know.  I should be embarrassed, or something.  Nah.  (It has to involve inappropriate nudity for me to get embarrassed.  And I’d probably just double down with inappropriate laughter.)

I’m in Mexico City, presently.  I lost my $400 Bose QC35’s already.  I left them in the vehicle that transported me from airport to hotel.  I’m really bad at keeping track of my stuff when I’m traveling.  This is a big ouch as I use them for about 10 hours a day, every day.  At least I brought some earbuds that work with iPhone 7+.  They’re not burned in yet, though.  Also, I hate earbuds because they mess with my balance, and the OEM version didn’t even fit in my apparently small ears.

I had a stop-over in Denver, which is Mountain Time.  Then I flew here, which is back in Central Time.  I love time traveling, (even in this insignificant manner.)  I’m a bit obsessed with time as a concept, and think it’s cool I went backward and forward on the same day.  Aside from losing my most useful gadget, it’s been an easy trip.  I’m mostly bummed because as much as I use them, I’m not going to replace them.  I refuse to buy anything more from a retail establishment.  If I can’t get it at the Farmer’s Market or sites like Etsy, I won’t get it.  I’m on strike as a retail consumer.

I met my prodigy (and her mom) at my hotel earlier.  I saw photos before, but she’s cuter in person.  She wanted to stay at the hotel with me, but I said we should do a slumber party with her mom and sister on another night.  I told her a slumber party requires at least three, otherwise it’s just a sleepover.  (I forgot I can’t use the Jedi Mom Trick on someone so brilliant with my mere Aunt skills.  She’s humoring me, I’m sure.)  I like her mom, too.  She’s nicer in person (than when scolding me on the phone for sending her daughter a laptop without asking permission first.)

I apologized again but she said it’s forgiven.  Yay.  I’m hoping I get some sleep tonight.  I bumped my head on the airplane window from nodding off.  The guy in the seat next to me laughed pretty hard, (which made me laugh, too.)  I didn’t have to take off my shoes or put my stuff in bins in security.  I just had to walk through a metal detector.  It totally messed me up.  I grabbed a bin and carried it through the metal detector while my luggage went on the trolley, bin free.  The TSA guy kept reassuring me I didn’t need the bin, which cracked me up.  I handed it to him while giggling.

The airport in Sioux Falls is so tiny compared to O’Hare or Denver International.  There are no concourses.  Just Gates 1-6, IIRC.  It has an elevator and escalator to take us up to the other level.  (I know where every escalator in Sioux Falls is located.)  It’s the only ride in the whole airport.  In Denver, they have trains and moving sidewalks (where you can run like a sparkly vampire when it’s not too crowded.  People just assume you’re late for a connecting flight.)

I’m going to take a tech-free staycation when I get home.  Including turning off the wifi in my apartment.  I’m so happy it’ll be fall soon.  I need to spend some time outside without any noise.  I need to touch some trees and walk barefoot in the grass, and just be silent for a while so I can catch my breath.  It’s the medicine I’m craving.  M. was worried about my flying here alone.  For some reason, he thinks Mexico is too dangerous for travel.  I’ll have to bring him next time so he can stop being a doof.

I’m super excited for tomorrow because I’m going exploring.  I’ve already bonded with some locals just by saying, “Fuck a wall!”  I have a feeling it will be funny here forever.  I saw what North Korean Caligula did earlier.  Putin must be getting nervous.  He’s letting all his puppets play with fire to distract from his greedy plot.  So much money and all of it fake. Why is this rocket science to so many people?  His agenda is as clever as returning to coal.  (Which is something Putin would love to see, as he’s trying to accelerate global warming, the ignorant fuck.)  Mediocre villains are lame.

I’m sending lots of love and comfort to Houston and affected areas, along with a Red Cross donation.  I hope I can do more when I get home.  I have experience with cleaning up after tornados, so maybe that’s something for which they’ll recruit volunteers.  If the government fucks over Texas yet again, many of us fellow Americans will catch you up. We love Texas, and we remember Katrina.  We’ll get through this together.