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It actually started with George and his mother.

I had an off day.  It’s still positive, though.  I recently followed an autistic activist who has since blown my mind with helpful information.  I’ve seen their posts in the past, but sporadically.  I thought I was already following them, but after I messed around building an app to help manage my account, I’ve experienced […]

Signals, Jerry. Signals.

This image was banned in Russia today.  Putin is terrified of homosexuality.  So weak and pathetic.  I’m disappointed by Putin.  I gave him undeserved credit as an evil mastermind when in actuality, he’s just another thug.  First, he decided to use 45.  Any plan that relies on 45 will fail.  45 is likely in the early […]

It’s not funny, Elaine.

I just wasted forty-seven minutes of my life removing a scab without hurling.  I’ll never get that time back.  It probably explains why I never considered a medical career.  It’s part of why I think nurses are remarkable, too.  While it symbolizes the day I’ve been having, I’m delightfully confident it’s better than the day […]

I trained those birds for 8 years!

Today flew by.  I read about #TrumpCuts.  It’s in keeping with GOP greed.  Apparently, fucking up affordable healthcare access with #TrumpCare wasn’t enough.  Now they want to eliminate the arts, Meals on Wheels, and PBS, for starters.  #TrumpCuts is brutal, but there will be no shortage of weapons.  They rolled out the sociopath, Mulvaney, to […]

This is your solution? To ruin the bike?

I reset the few clocks that don’t do it automatically while wondering why all clocks haven’t gained this boost in efficiency.  The stove and microwave are guilty of failing to evolve.  I’m appalled that cameras inside refrigerators were deemed necessary before appliance clocks that automatically adjust themselves to my time zone.  Okay, I’m over it.  Back […]

Oh that Michael, I hate him, he’s just so smug.

Today has been good.  I signed up to host for the ACLU People Power event.  Surprisingly, I’m more excited than terrified (strangers!).  It’ll be fun.  I’ll visualize it being a blast and going off without a hitch later.  Whenever I start feeling super anxious about volunteering, I remind myself that lots of people who aren’t […]

Race him Jerry. Race him.

Maya Angelou is one of my favorite poets.  I mentally recite Still I Rise often of late.  It empowers me and motivates me in my fight with the resistance.  It inspired the poem below. Disclaimer:  I write poetry.  I do not write poetry well.  Just like with hashtag games, I don’t let it deter my enthusiasm. […]