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Cosmo Kramer. You ARE the Assman.

I had a productive day.  I’ve been overwhelmed for the past week or so.  Obligations with flexible due dates taunt me with temptations of procrastinating.  Instead, I took care of some early.  I’m just waiting for the relief to kick in.  I’m getting excited about my upcoming vacation.  The hardest part for me is exiting […]

I hate The Drake

I just got back from watching Zootopia and eating pizza with other residents at my apartment complex.  The movie was funny, and had a promising message and undertone.  Basically, it was anthropomorphic animals playing out the human drama of racism, stereotyping, and intolerance, and where it inevitably leads.  Sort of an updated Star Bellied Sneetches.  Plenty […]

If you’re one of us, you’ll take a bite.

I didn’t get much done today.  Just my chores, and I cleaned my vacuum.  My kidney stone is on the move, so for most of today, I’ve been pacing in a futile attempt to make the pain go away.  It’s getting ready to hurt again, I can just feel it.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be […]

Wait a second. This book has been in the bathroom.

I’m not supposed to work on weekends anymore.  It blows my mind a little.  The people I work with don’t work on weekends, or after hours.  They don’t want to start working during these times.  They think work should be done at work, and when we leave, we should do other things.  They feel pressured […]

Stunned by soup?

It’s still raining.  I’m going to go for a short run on the trails since it’s dark already.  And cold and wet.  But still well above freezing.  It would be silly to skip it now that I’m dressed and ready to go.  Okay.  10 minutes, then I’m going.  I didn’t sleep again, so I’m a […]

buzzcut season

I watched Sisters again.  That movie is so funny.  It wasn’t as crude as Bridesmaids, but just as hilarious.  I loved the cast.  Samantha Bee is in it, too.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler portray generation x so honestly.  They do shit you did when you didn’t think anyone was watching.  My face hurt from […]


I’ve had a busy few days.  I set up my new guitar, and had a blast playing the shit out of it.  One thing they don’t mention about women who play string instruments;  we keep our hands moisturized, so the calluses from playing don’t get as tough as say, a lead guitarist in a touring […]