“It’s not like you’re launching missiles from a submarine and you both have to turn your keys.”

I had a good weekend.  I’m in a band, now.  I accepted without asking any of the obvious questions.  Such as, what’s the name of the group?  I’ve made a note to find out this weekend.  (Among other things.  Heh.)  I was just so happy to be invited, it didn’t cross my mind.

Today has been slippery.  Most of the day got away from me.  I had a meeting this morning and a violin lesson after lunch.  I didn’t have any further demands for the rest of the day.  At first, I felt anxious about it.  It feels like driving without a seatbelt when I don’t have anything to do.  It’s too loose and uncomfortable.

I got dangerously close to panicking.  When I saw my window of escape was quickly shrinking, I jumped through in the nick of time.  I sat down and thought about Stevie Nicks.  It totally worked.  I ended up watching the first three episodes of Grace and Frankie.  (Stevie Nicks likes watching TV.)


I know Stevie Nicks is a big fan of Game of Thrones, but I can’t handle the TV show.  So I wondered what she’d watch on Netflix.  Heh.  (I’m such a doof.)  Grace and Frankie looked promising.  One of my oldest TV memories is of Lily Tomlin in a rocking chair that made her look like a little girl.   (I’ve loved her ever since.)

Grace and Frankie is fabulous.  I kept telling myself to keep my expectations in check, it’s just TV, and they keep blowing my freaking mind.  No wonder Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are raising their rates.  (They’re showing network TV why so many of us abandoned them altogether in favor of amateur podcasts and access to all the music.)

I was so engrossed in the show when I looked up again, it was dinner time.  We had a blizzard today, and it’s still windy.  The sound of howling wind reminds me of Patrick Rothfuss.  I’m off to start rereading his novel; The Name of the Wind.  Peace.

Blogger Recognition Award


I’m grateful to be nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award by Thomas of Aspiblog.  I’d like to thank Thomas for thinking of me:  I appreciate how supportive you’ve been as a fellow blogger and autistic brother.  You’re a delightful friend, and I’m happy you’re part of my world.  I enjoy reading your blog.  The wildlife photos and brain teaser puzzles are fabulous.  Thanks. 😘 💜 🙃

I’m going to break the rules of this award.  I’m supposed to nominate ten other bloggers.  The problem is, it means all but those ten will be left out.  My blogosphere is significantly larger.  I’m thankful to everyone who reads my words.  More so to those who share their own.  This is my safe place in the world where I can interact with others.  It’s someplace I fit, which is astonishing and fabulous.

Thanks for spending some of your precious time interacting with me, (in the one arena where I can participate.)  I love you for it.  You’re amazing and I hope you know it.  (Yep.  I mean you.  I couldn’t tell you if you weren’t reading this.)  Next time the universe gives you an atomic wedgie, and you catch yourself feeling low, please remember there’s someone who thinks you totally rock.  (Psst.  It’s me.)  💜💜💜✌🏽

“It’s in my book – ‘Astonishing Tales of the Sea’. Fifty-one people died.”

My new fidgets arrived yesterday.  They’re called CLICKEYbits™.  They’re made from real keys used on mechanical keyboards.  The rest looks 3D printed, but I’m not positive.  I got three different versions.  The Silent (pink, blue, purple, white) has six silent keyboard switches with a super smooth/linear feel.

The Classic (black, red, yellow, blue) has two clicky buttons, two tactile/bump, and two linear/smooth.  The Clicky has all six with clicky switches.


My photography skills still suck.  Heh.  I love all three versions.  The Clicky is my favorite for when I’m alone.  The sound is lovely if you’re the one making it.  However, to anyone else who can hear it, it’s pretty close to torture.

The Classic I’m going to use when M. is home, and only use a clicky key once an hour at most.  I’ll enjoy keeping track of which keys I shouldn’t press.  (I’m weird like that.)  The Silent is the only one I’ll take outside my home.  When I’m anxious, I won’t be able to keep from clicking all the keys obsessively.  I don’t want to suffer unexpected violence, (although I suspect righteously,) for clicking in public.  Heh.

I hope that’s a good hint not to get the clicky ones if you also find yourself nearly frantically doing (often considered) annoying and repetitive things, (damn the world,) when you’re on the verge of panicking in public.  Can I get an amen from my brothers and sisters?  (Serious, not mocking.)

Oh right, the CLICKEYbits™ are fabulous.  I’m particularly fond of the varying amount of force required to depress the different types of keys.  I use mechanical keyboards, so I was already a fan of switch testers.  The Silent version barely requires any force to depress the keys.  I enjoy it because it turns on my gentleness mode.  (Sorry, I can’t think of a more precise means of saying it.)

They’re currently on sale, and mine arrived quickly via USPS.  They were shipped in an appropriately sized box that fit in my apartment package bin.  Yay.  I found them when I checked the mail at midnight.  Heh.  I have insomnia again, but I’ll save that story/review for next time.  (Spoiler:  The Privacy Pop.)  I’m off to read. 💜

“I can’t believe we put it off until today, and then we couldn’t do anything because Elaine runs out to apologize to a virgin, crosses against a light, and knocks over a Chinese delivery boy.”


I got nothing for Christmas this year.  (It’s because I told everyone I’m not celebrating Christmas.)  I’m holding out for Easter because I find it far more impressive.  Babies are born to virgins all the time, (she said, sardonically.)  Zombies, however, are supposedly rare, (outside our imaginations.)  Jesus Christ is the best zombie ever.  Can I get an amen?  Please note, I’m using white privilege (facetiously) when making these statements by assuming everyone in America, (or an English speaking country) is Christian.  Growing up in America means automatic indoctrination to the Christian faith to some degree, but we worship the way taught, the way we choose, or not at all, (when allowed.)

The only people in America who haven’t been tainted by white privilege are children.  (Very young children.)  There may be other small groups who are incredibly insular, as well.  White privilege is more complicated than the name reveals.  I’m black, but I’m also American.  I’m currently exorcising WP from my thought processes.  I don’t allow myself to resent this necessary transformation because everyone I know has the same burden.  I have friends who are Canadian, Scottish, and British who are also reprogramming their minds to eliminate their contribution to this serious problem in the western world.

I’m still identifying problematic thinking as I go.  It’s disturbing every time.  It hurts a lot to realize I’ve been unwittingly contributing to the repression of people of color.  I’m one of them.  I initially thought it meant I was off the hook.  As if.  Unless you’re Amish, you probably bear this burden too, regardless of race.  I was raised in South Dakota by Caucasian parents, to boot.  It’s a painful and possibly lengthy process, but I’m committed with all my heart.

I’m just trying to make it through this life without contributing to The Pain.  There’s too much as it is.  If I can lessen it, I’ll consider myself a smashing success.  I’ll also strut around like I’m Wanda Sykes, probably.  (I’m excellent at celebrating (any of) my accomplishments.  It seems prudent.)  I’m having a blast in Denver.  I love it here.  So does M.  I think he’s in the early stages of considering a move.  Oddly, it doesn’t frighten me at all.

It’s possible I’m second-hand high (from a recent visit with an adult relative.)  It just occurred to me.  I bet any stoners who read this are thinking, “I began suspecting a few paragraphs back.”  Heh.  I don’t think Stevie Nicks would be upset if she knew I got high accidentally.  I don’t use drugs period, (which is what I believe she would advise me if she knew I existed.)   I witnessed her saying the same anti-drug message from her own lips, more than three times in different HD videos on YouTube.  (That’s how I sift out the bullshit.)

I forgot what I wanted to blog about.  Sorry about how weird this post is.  (A little.  Heh.)  Oh, right!  My girl, Keia, from the Gettin’ Grown podcast, said she can’t recall ever being called the n-word to her face.  It knocked me over and said booyah!  It never occurred to me this was possible on earth.  It makes me so happy I cried a little.  Now I’m going to celebrate this beautiful fact.  She’s a lot younger than me (from her perspective, probably.)

So that’s what made me want to share.  If so inclined, drink one for Keia’s journey, (+10 if you thought of Kino’s Journey.)  May she, and all yet to exist, always be spared.  Cheers.  💜 (Walks away, singing Zombie, by The Cranberries.)

“The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances.”


Happy Festivus, one and all!  I’m pleased to report I’m no longer a peon at work, but in negotiations to be a part owner.  It’s kind of funny I had to take a risk to convince someone else to do the same.  I’m such a soldier.

I’m back in Denver with M. in tow.  We’re staying for the holiday.  It was a last minute decision, which usually levels me at this time of year.  Fortunately, it was my idea.  (It just isn’t a holiday without being stressed out.)  We both have family here, too.

I’m mostly thinking about my new project and brainstorming ideas.  I’m also trying to rehydrate, which is why I’m still awake.  (I don’t want my black to crack.)  On my brief stop at home, I picked up my new hair products from Form Beauty.

I opened and smelled them, and they’re very lightly scented to me, which means they’re probably unscented to most people.  I’m thrilled with the presentation, amount of product, free sample (perfect for travel,) and the minimalist design of the bottles.  I’ve only used the hair lotion so far, but it’s fabulous.

I love how the site asks excellent questions about your hair and routine, then figures out the best hair care regimen for each individual.  Such as the fact I wash my hair daily because I run, and I cross train with swimming.  These are important things to consider before choosing what will work best with my hair.  (They do this for every hair type, so check them out if you have hair.)  I’m off to try sleeping.  Happy holidays to those who celebrate.