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All you saved was the pea pods?

Growing up in a predominantly all-white community has helped me better understand what it’s like for my local peers to first encounter a person of color.  In my first twelve years of life, the only people of color I met were a few Native American parents of foster siblings, and my little sister, Heather.  (I […]

We’ve already got a George.

Today flew by.  I Kramer’d my way into a job yesterday.  I went to a small software company nearby and parked.  I saw their ad for a programmer on an online job site, and the clever way it was written made me laugh.  I waited for someone to come out to smoke and psyched myself […]

buzzcut season

I watched Sisters again.  That movie is so funny.  It wasn’t as crude as Bridesmaids, but just as hilarious.  I loved the cast.  Samantha Bee is in it, too.  Tina Fey and Amy Poehler portray generation x so honestly.  They do shit you did when you didn’t think anyone was watching.  My face hurt from […]

I’m Cosmo!

That was the best vacation, ever.  It was very short, but in all the right ways.  My arrival time was perfect, in that it allowed me enough time to settle in my hotel room, then have dinner and hang out with my new aide.  Her place is cool, and she has a piano.  We walked […]

Stoned entry #1

I’m stoned.  I probably shouldn’t try to write a blog post in this condition, but oh well.  Here goes.  I’ve been partaking of recreational weed while on my Christmas vacation in Denver.  I purchased way too much, as I had no idea it lasted so long.  I’m a lightweight for sure, but I’ve tried a […]

Authors are my rock stars

When I finish reading a book or book series, I have a cathartic moment where I reflect on the story, the author, and what I imagine would happen next if the story continued.  The better the book, the longer this process lingers in the background of my thoughts.  Some authors evoke a strong feeling of […]