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George, your cousin Shelly is talking to you!

I’m in the planning stage of another Great Purge of Possessions.  Watching Tiny Houses makes me hate most of my stuff.  I’d love to design one, but I never get very far in the process before realizing it’s no longer tiny.  I saw one recently where the owner was a nerd.  It was my favorite […]

A lesser Babka

The whole battle between the government and tech companies reminds me of Jurassic Park.  The government, (velociraptor) constantly tests the security barrier from various points, trying to find a weak point for an attack.  I got a notice in email that my free Samsung VR headset will be here Friday.  Yay.  If you want some, […]

The show is about nothing!

It’s 68 F here today.  It’s perfect.  Light breeze, sunny, low humidity.  I’ve been doing my chores while watching a Fixer Upper marathon on HGTV.  My sleep issues are bad enough now that I’m going to seriously put forth effort to eliminate them, starting tonight.  The only thing that’s really lacking from my sleep routine […]

Fixer Upper is pure awesomepuppymonkeybaby

Fixer Upper is my new favorite show.  I’m completely in love with the hosts, their children, and their farm animals.  It’s the best show HGTV has ever produced.  Even better than Property Brothers and Divine Design.  Who knew that was possible?  The hosts, husband and wife, are super talented, and watching them interact is awesome. […]