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No, it offends me as a comedian!

I just ordered the Playstation VR  headset.  I’ve decided not to wait until after Christmas.  I have my Samsung VR that works with my Galaxy Edge 7.  It’s astonishingly awesome, considering it was free, so I know I’ll love a more powerful option.  I’m psyching myself up to do some serious rearranging in my apartment.  I do […]

She’s into it.

I just finished watching Warcraft again.  I love this movie so much.  Granted, there were some pretty scary moments.  But the f/x were outstanding.  It was like visiting a dream.  An unsettling dream, set in a realm where I’ve spent a lot of time while isolating myself from this world.  The scenery was beautiful, and […]

You know, George told me that he thinks you’re totally cute.

I’m home.  I’ve met with my therapist once, since I’ve returned, and am probably going to meet with her again tomorrow.  The strangest part, is that I’m meeting her because I’m doing surprisingly well under the circumstances.  In my effort to do even better, and stay focused on priorities, I welcome her assistance.  My focus has […]

Boy, she’s a whacko!

Today was good.  The Depression Monster lost again.  I’m still struggling with insomnia and nightmares, but since I set the criteria for a good day, most of my days are good.  If I’m still alive, and can think of one thing I’m looking forward to witnessing, it’s a good day.  I’m looking forward to leveling […]

I can’t wear that puffy shirt on TV!

I got my replacement keycaps to fix my keyboard.  It’s amazing what a difference those little raised nubs on the home keys can make.  I saw a 30k piece jigsaw puzzle today.  It was on sale for $389.  I thought about it for a second, then passed.  I figure for me to do a 30k piece […]

He repeated the name of the gift?

I remembered to take some photos of my new desk once I got it set up.  First, the excuses:  I suck at photography.  I used my phone.  I didn’t turn on a light, because I suck at photography.  If these appear as a dark, blurry waste of my time, please inform me kindly in the […]

Do women know about shrinkage?

Content Warning:  This post contains graphic descriptions of obscene artwork. I’ve slept well the past few nights.  I normally consider 4-6 hours a good night, but I’ve been enjoying 6-7 hours.  Aside from feeling pretty disoriented when I look at the clock, it’s good.  I wonder if we did something in therapy that eliminated one […]

I hate The Drake

I just got back from watching Zootopia and eating pizza with other residents at my apartment complex.  The movie was funny, and had a promising message and undertone.  Basically, it was anthropomorphic animals playing out the human drama of racism, stereotyping, and intolerance, and where it inevitably leads.  Sort of an updated Star Bellied Sneetches.  Plenty […]