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Stop smelling your arm!

It’s been a long week.  I had to turn on the heat to maintain a comfy 65°F in my apartment.  It’s rarely necessary to run the heat, but my blood thinned when Mother Nature psyched us out with warm temperatures last week.  I’m still pissed off by the Trumpcare proposal.  You’d think it was written by […]

Fuck Trump

The CIA announced Russian hackers interfered with the election, causing their chosen boy, Trump, to be elected.  Trump didn’t win the election.  He cheated.  Suddenly, reality has penetrated the madness.  Trump has always cheated.  It’s a common pattern for people who fail at life in general.  Trump’s cheating led to his being turned down for […]

Twenty sponges should be plenty.

It’s been a cold week, so far.  Unfortunately, running outside in winter makes my blood thicken, as I acclimatize.  It makes me intolerant to heat above 65° F.  Just below that is my comfort zone until it warms up again.  It’s making my cat seek warmth, which is adorable.   I make her a pup tent […]

70 days.

Seventy more days.  It seems like forever.  My body is behaving oddly.  I’m cold.  I feel like I can’t catch my breath.  I can only walk about 5 steps, before I have rest.  It’s weird.  Mostly because I don’t care, beyond finding it fascinating.  Seventy more days.