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You were making out during Schindler’s List?

  I’ve been upgrading my electronic drum kit.  Nothing from the original kit survived.  (I’m using the entry setup for Rockband, instead.)  I got a beautiful, shiny rack.  It took me an embarrassingly long time to assemble it.  It didn’t come with any instructions, and the Gibralter website sucks.  So I studied what is possibly […]

Red shirt! Red shirt!

It snowed so much yesterday and all night.  It cooled off, but it’s already melting.  It’s fitting that tomorrow will be a slushy mess.  I’m failing at atheism.  It’s as if declaring it made it unattainable.  Unobtanium.  (Still so bad it’s funny.)  I think about religion more than algorithms now.  I can’t even get pissed […]

It rhymes with a female body part.

Today was alright.  My privacy was violated by a relative, and it upset me in slow motion.  I went from being relieved to find my phone, to being annoyed that my past text messages were read without my permission.  There’s something about this incident that I haven’t been able to put into words yet, that […]

Ooh, shiny!

The announcements from Apple today were fun to watch.  I’m planning on getting the Apple TV since I dumped cable a while ago, and stream everything now.  I have smart tv, roku 3, and the Amazon stick, but in my living room, I’m using my Playstation 3 for streaming and watching blurays.  It’s fine, but […]