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On strike until liberty and justice for all.

As of today, I won’t be returning to the VA (or anywhere else) to resume medical care.  As a service-connected disabled veteran, I can’t stomach participating in health care when Paul Ryan and Illegitimate Drumpf work toward revoking access to affordable insurance for 30 million Americans.  I served in the Army until it led to […]

Kramer, what the hell did you do?

It’s been a productive weekend.  I’m starting to feel like myself, again.  I’m getting good at identifying my mistakes.  Unfortunately, I struggle to refrain from brainstorming new ideas to correct each mistake, as I discover them.  I decided to eliminate the need to wait, and just let my mind wander.  It stressed me out a […]

You see? Smart people think this is funny.

I need to state something, as I’m feeling a little mad-scientisty.  I recognize my ethical responsibilities to to mankind.  I know I have to consider everyone living on this planet when I make choices that affect them, (when training AI).  It would be easier to consider only my own interests, but that’s not an option.  People […]