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Still with the neck hole?

Content Warning:  Descriptions of severe depression, the aftermath of sexual assault.     I’m feeling much better.  Turns out, it wasn’t a round of severe depression, as evidenced by my improved condition a few days later.  I believe the suddenness (that word is spelled so redundantly) in which my happy-go-lucky stasis was shattered led me […]

His wife is in a coma…

The Depression Monster put me in an illegal sleeper hold.  Usually, this would have pissed me off, but I couldn’t muster the necessary energy.  Instead, I rolled with it.  I went straight for the nuclear arsenal.  I gathered my weighted blanket, my favorite tops, my bag of dice, and my pillow.  I headed for the […]

How to create an anti-depression kit.

*Not a replacement for medical advice from a physician. Here is a guide to creating an anti-depression kit.  I’ve referred to mine in the past as my Depression Box.  What you choose to call yours is your choice.  As this is a guide, your own creativity is encouraged.  I began with a cardboard box and […]

The whole system is breaking down.

  I’m experiencing debilitating depression right now.  I’ve only been this low a few times in my life.  I’m almost sure this is resulting from my hyperthyroid condition.  Usually, I’m constantly on vibrate.  My body trembles all the time as a result of Grave’s Disease.  I only notice when playing my violin or writing manually. […]

Can’t stand ya… can’t stand ya…

Insomnia is kicking my ass.  It’s also fascinating me, which is annoying.  I’ve gotten new information recently that broke my resolve against hating Drumpf and his owner.  I know I’m dabbling in self-destruction, and that hating them will do nothing to deter their vile intentions.  It’s incredibly inefficient, too.  I’ll be channeling this otherwise wasted […]

I never should have taken back those keys.

Content Warning:  This post contains excessive whining, Twilight level mopiness, and a dash of sarcasm.           I love Halloween.  I plan on experimenting with my candy.  Meaning, I intend to stack it, nuke it, and drizzle the resulting goo over a bowl of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch™.  I’ll save some of […]