Unabashed Facts

I saw this challenge circulating on Twitter recently.  It was fascinating, and I learned a lot about people I follow.  The people participating also play hashtag games, which means their answers were creative and often funny.  (I’m sorry I won’t be copying that part, too.)

Summary:  I’ll begin by thinking of 20 questions about myself and answering them.  For every time this page receives a Like, I’ll add another.  You can ask questions in comments for me to answer.  Also, if you decide to do this challenge on your blog, please include a link in comments.  Here goes:

  1. I didn’t know I liked cats until I acquired one.
  2.  I’ve died twice. (No memory, anesthesia issue.)
  3. I was twelve the first time I met an African American (who wasn’t Heather.)
  4. My Mom scotch taped bows to our afros when we were little.
  5. I never asked my parents why they adopted me.
  6. English is my native language, but French is the first language I ever spoke.
  7. I didn’t figure out I was adopted until I was five.
  8. I discovered my dad wasn’t Santa Claus that same year. (T’was a shitty year.)
  9. The first time it occurred to me women can be homosexual is when Ellen (comedian LOL) came out.
  10. I thought oral sex meant phone sex until I was informed otherwise, (while laughed at.)
  11. I thought cocaine was supposed to be blown, (not sniffed) because it’s called blow. ( A funny story, I’ll blog it sometime.)
  12. I misunderstood another blowing concept in a remarkably similar way.
  13. My parents pulled me out of Sex Ed because I was too likely to give lectures on what I learned to strangers.
  14. I survived being raped and left for dead.
  15. I accidentally ran over a tree in Germany while driving an M80 tank. (I think the Army had to pay for it. (Sorry, I couldn’t see shit.))
  16. I was married for 25 years. (Might blog about this too, at some point.)
  17. I’ve never searched for my biological family. (It strikes me as incredibly rude.)
  18. My mom was the wind beneath my wings.
  19. I got kicked out of a band for singing “like I work for Disney,” and failing to grasp the concept of singing edgy. (Too bad I didn’t know about Stevie Nicks then!)
  20. I’m still willing to die for America, (her people, not her oil addiction.)