2 thoughts on ““She goes to another school.”

  1. A month off blogging or actually the internet generally? I hope you’re okay… are you feeling the burnout from the online stuff or is it anything else..? I really hope you’re alright, and it sounds like you’re making the best decision for what you need right now if a break will help. Sending love  ♥
    Caz xx

  2. I’m okay. According to M, I got gaslighted recently (a concept I’m not sure I even grasp.) It’s led to hurt feelings, is my fault (naive AF for life, apparently), and I triggered myself in the mix, because evidently, I love being reminded I’m socially inept. (queue the micro violin) 🙃

    I’m getting offline completely until Fool’s Day, at which point I’ll decide if it’s a good idea to make it permanent or not. While none of it is blog related, the internet has kicked my ass so many times, even I can recognize the hint.

    I’ll get over myself quickly, but the confusion will keep me busy long after a month. I suspect silence is my sweet spot, and I’ve merely taken the scenic route to this revelation. 🤭 Love to you, Caz. 💜💜✌🏽

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