“You’re eating too much dairy.”

I’m sick.  I likely caught The Worst Cold of My Life on a recent trip to Denver.  Since living on the edge of agoraphobia is my apparent lifestyle, it’s not surprising my immune system is traumatized by mingling in crowds.  Fortunately, I can tell the worst is over.  On Day Two, I switched to Puffs Plus Lotion with Vicks because the skin on my nose was peeling off.

puffs plus lotion with vicks

Today, I can breathe through my nose and look down without pain.  Yay.  (I’m also hopped up on DayQuil, which hopefully explains the time I just wasted wondering what is that green thing on the blanket in the photo above.)  I can tell I’m loopy.  Sometimes, being sensitive to medication rocks.  (And then I ruined it by wondering if it also makes me more vulnerable to addiction.  🤪)

I’m suspicious of the universe, right now.  I think she’s trying to teach me something, and I’m on the cusp of revealing the lesson.  I’m already reasoning with my ego to soften the inevitable blow.  I suspect there’s significance to my experiencing the sudden onset of utter physical devastation from a simple, temporary cause.  No question I’ll recover, but the severity is astonishing, nonetheless.

This cold minimized my abilities until I could only ponder, watch TV, or read.  (When you’re too miserable to sleep, time becomes abundant.)  I started binge watching, Blackish.  Love it.  (On so many levels.)  I finished reading The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens for the umpteenth time.  It’s hilarious; I read it a few times a year.  (The epitome of Brit humor, in my opinion.)

street art mcdonalds

I started reading Zero Sum Game by S. L. Huang.  She’s a rockstar author.  She’s hanging out with J. K. Rowling and Octavia E. Butler on my favorite author list before I’ve even finished the novel.  That shiny.  N. K. Jemisin, too.  Have you noticed how it seems like Amazon just figured out algorithms? Suddenly, my recommended books make sense.  Items are showing up in logical categories on the site now, too.  Bonus.

Perhaps this lesson-in-progress centers on learning to appreciate.  It’s as far as I’ve gotten in my DayQuil enhanced state, anyway.  If you’ve already experienced this lesson, please don’t hesitate to throw out some pointers in comments.  (I’m hoping I won’t need any remedial opportunities.)  I can’t remember ever being too sick to play video games.  (For some reason, that kind of blows my mind.)

Yep, I’m on to something with the appreciation thing.  The universe recognizes I’m pretty literal, as my life lessons tend to be right on the nose.  (At least the ones I notice.  Heh.)  It’s trippy to be emotionally joyful while physically miserable.  It ruins the effect of misery which I see is the point.  Yay.  I found the concept.  Now I merely have to spend some thought time on the process until it soaks in.  (Because that’s how I roll.)  I’m off to do that.  ✌🏾💜

5 thoughts on ““You’re eating too much dairy.”

  • You have my sympathies – being ill is horrible, and it is terribly easy to hit a negative feedback loop – you feel wretched which makes you miserable which makes you feel even more wretched. I have been through this sort of experience in the coiurse of my own recent treatment for cancer, and I freely admit that I have been sgtruggling to cope with my own situation. I hope you recover soon.

    • Thanks, Thomas. I hope you recover soon, as well. If there’s anything I can do to help you cope, please let me know. 💜💜

      • Thank you, Alison, Kind and supportibve comments like yours above are themselves a big help at difficult times 🙂

  • Oh no, colds and flus are awful. I’m glad at least the worst seems to be over. Hadn’t come across Puffs before! Sounds like your body is probably quite vulnerable and run down, leaving you open to the ‘utter physical devastation’ you’re experiencing. Maybe the universe is trying to teach you to put yourself first, rest up, strengthen your immune system 😉 And appreciation is good, seeing the little things when ill is easier because you’re pretty limited in what you can do. Take care and I hope you kick the cold asap xxxxx

  • Thanks. You have me giggling. 😂 I’m going to heed your advice and strengthen my immune system. And probably come up with a superhero name to go with it… Heh. Mwah! 💜💜

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