4 thoughts on ““The carpet sweeper is the biggest scam perpetrated on the American public since One Hour Martinizing.”

  • it’s a great post but a difficult subject. I always think of these things in terms of social groups and cognitive biases. That should inform our approach in terms of broaching these subjects. As it is the unconscious drives within people that determine what they can ‘hear’ – It is also so difficult to do when you know someone who supports something that is so wrong – the person thinks they are good for doing it -(Everyone likes to think they are good, so when they hear criticism they take it as an attack and attack back – result no listening or learning) An inclusive way to do it is by asking questions – that way the person can realize they haven’t thought about it – making statements the unconscious biases kick in more quickly. Just a few thoughts 🙂

    • Thanks, Tim. You’re right. My bias and emotion show, even when I’m consciously attempting to suppress them. Funny thing, Sheryl Crow is teaching me how to overcome this challenge. Mainly in her lyrics and explanation of where she was coming from in her song, Halfway There. I have lots of thinking and listening to do before I fully grok the lesson, but I’m grateful she shares her wisdom.

      Great music with life lessons embedded are an incredible gift. It’s no wonder she’s a hero to me. 🙃

      • Hey Alison , I didn’t necessarily mean your bias but other people’s, but it gets complicated 🙂 I used to play Sheryl crows first album over and over…

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