“Elaine is writing a sitcom!”

Raven flying

I’m so glad it’s finally cooled off.  I love fall and winter.  I finished watching season 7 of Game of Thrones.  I’m so pleased with what HBO has created.  The season was short, but so much happened.  I purchased the seasons on Bluray because I don’t have HBO, but I plan on subscribing before season 8 begins, now that I’ve seen what they can do.

I wrote a short story about a scientist who created a contagious airborne agent that caused mass infertility, (tentatively) titled, The Politician.  She released it in a few international airports, then followed it’s spread across the world on 24-hour news channels.  It took seven years before world governments publicly acknowledged its existence.  She was then chosen to lead an international team to work on a cure.  😂

My inner mad-scientist often cackled while writing.  The Republicans in America initially blamed environmentalists for creating it.  The US Congress armed task forces to round up environmentalists (without bothering with things like evidence or due process.)  After the sanctioned murder of several such citizens, the scientist released a manifesto calling for an end to patriarchal rule in exchange for a cure.  HPV

Sadly, Congress refused to do anything but spend more tax dollars on locating the agents’ creator rather than adopting term limits and other suggested changes that would interfere with their ability to wield excessive power over everyone else in America.  Soon, everyone with ovaries was suspect in the eyes of law enforcement.  It became even more dangerous to exist as a woman; the opposite of what the scientist wanted.  The world population began to decline due to an increase in mass suicides and no new births.

writing and editingAfter a few decades with no cure in sight, and the murder of women at an all-time high, the future of the human race is in question.  Then I realized it’s too long to be a short story.  I tried to edit with a heavy hand, but it caused even the main characters to lose dimension and relatability.  So I decided it’s a novel.  Heh.

I continued to follow a group who set up an underground thinktank to develop an approach to end the crisis without more bloodshed.  They assisted people in fleeing the United States and tried to communicate with the scientist.  Their main concern was in preserving humanity by building a world where nobody had the power to interfere in the lives of others; where law applied to everyone equally, including those chosen to create and enforce them.

I’m about 400 pages in now.  I’m not sure I want to finish and submit it for publication yet.  I’ll keep working on it and see how I feel when it’s complete.  My band is coming over later to watch a Sheryl Crow live concert on DVD.  Yay.  Only 25 days until the Fleetwood Mac concert.  Uber-yay.  😆  I’m off to practice drumming.  ✌🏽💜

8 thoughts on ““Elaine is writing a sitcom!”

  • It kind of sounds like it’s something that could be real, what with cover-ups, blame being placed elsewhere on environmentalists, governments taking years to acknowledge it’s actually a problem. Scary stuff, but definitely novel-worthy! Would love for you to finish it, I think you’ve got some great ideas!

  • I’m in awe that you have 400 pages written. The novel I dreamed- which is also heavily dystopian and about government cover ups and abuse – is kicking around in my head with odd clarity, but I don’t think I have the focus or confidence to actually write. I totally believe your premise, because, yeah, I’ve seen our current reality. Good luck finishing it – maybe as a NaNoWriMo?

  • Omg. Just omg. Your story!! I’m captivated. It sounds tantalizing!! 😍😍.

    Is Game of Thrones any good? I’m totally considering watching it 😁

  • Thanks, sis. GOT’s is full of information about human behavior. It’s well written, well cast and acted, and the soundtrack is excellent. It’s fantasy, but it accurately portrays how the ruthless and evil always dominate the world, how religion is twisted into manipulative control, and things like honor and compassion are considered foolishness, weakness, and justification for abuse and murder.

    It’s hella triggery, full of violence, rape, and gore, (just like real life.) It’s better than the novels. HBO did an outstanding job. It’s best Story of Us (humans) I’ve seen to date. It’s an explanation of homo sapiens, and a brutally honest snapshot of why we as a species will self destruct (unless aliens intervene.) It’s helped me understand, and realize it’s for the best we won’t survive. The earth will heal after we’re gone, eventually, (if we don’t destroy it as our agonal gasp.)

    I’m glad I watched it, and plan on continuing. It’s like a choice between being shot in the back, or seeing it coming, I suppose. I prefer knowing, even though it hurts like hell, and there’s nothing I can do about it. 💜💜

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