“Bozo the Clown. That’s who Bozo is.”


It’s dreary and raining, today.  Thank goodness for the Gettin’ Grown podcast with Jade and Keia.  While I listened, I played around with my first stop-motion video.  The sound is courtesy of a protest in NYC.  It was fun and surprisingly easy to create.  (The mini-figure of 45 is from minifigures.com.)  I recently finished reading a memoir titled, Educated, by Tara Whelan.  It’s about a woman who grew up in Idaho.

It details events she endured as a child of a mentally ill prepper.  It’s disturbing, engrossing, and brilliantly relayed.  I learned a lot about a lifestyle utterly foreign to me.  It’s rich with insight into human behavior and fear.  It gave me a glimpse into 45’s support base, as well.  I’m less baffled by their betrayal after reading it.  They don’t know 45 looks down on them like trash, yet.  Sad!

Spoiler alert. 

I survived the horrifically graphic episode of Game of Thrones, titled, The Mountain and the Viper.  Barely.  I had to fight off an urge to hurl, and I shook for a while afterward.  I witnessed my best friends corpse after her husband bashed her head in with a hammer when I was in my late teens.  It’s weird how the TV show evoked such a powerful reaction when the real event only caused me to withdraw emotionally while still managing to protect her little sister and infant son from seeing it.

There be giants

The Watchers on the Wall, at the end of season 4, was spectacular.  I’m going to watch it again on a bigger screen.  Probably several times.  I hope HBO won every possible award for it.  Blockbuster movie level CGI on a TV show blows my mind.  I also have to admit, watching Prince Oberyn fight was thrilling.  At least the parts before he lost his mind figuratively and literally.  (He died of arrogance and rage.)

The Children of the Forest looked just as I imagined while reading.  The three-eyed crow was visually disappointing, though.  I expected him to be more tree-like and less wizard-like.  I laughed when they zoomed in on mini Gandalf the Grey.  But the tiny woman throwing fireballs at the living dead popping out of the ground was fabulous, so I can’t complain.  I probably jumped a few feet when one grabbed Jojen Reed by the ankle.  He was a favorite, so I’m sad he’s gone.

Peter Dinklage

Watching the Hound get his ass kicked by Brienne of Tarth was satisfying.  She’s awesome.  I like Podrick Payne, too.  And Arya, of course.  She’s my favorite main character.  I’m so curious about what comes next.  I haven’t watched seasons 5-7 yet, and much of the content varies from the novels.  I’m gradually combining the storylines as I go.  The only spoilers I’ve encountered betrayed the fact all the Lannister kids survive to begin season 8.  (Yay, Tyrion.)  I have a crush on Peter Dinklage (assuming he shares Tyrion’s wit.)  🤫  I’m off to watch another episode.

10 thoughts on ““Bozo the Clown. That’s who Bozo is.”

  • Honestly, I think it’s better than the novels. A Dance with Dragons kind of went off the rails – Dani still stuck in Essos, that distracting Aegon plot, whatever the point of the character of Quentyn was supposed to add? I’m basically okay that HBO will finish the series long before GRRM. Also, I’m glad you were able to watch a difficult episode despite the terrible things it reminded you of, and sorry you experienced the original trauma, too.

    • Thanks. You’re right. I’ve read the novels four times now, but A Dance with Dragons 🐉 loses me every time. I forget it immediately after reading it. I thought it was my lack of comprehension and attention, but now I see it’s because it’s broken. I think GRRM got lost and drained. I’m fine with it because the rest is amazing. I’m so excited for closure and proud of HBO. 💜

  • Love your stop-motion video! And yeah, I’m planning to rewatch all of GoT (so far) before the final season starts. It’s all so good (but definitely rough to watch at times, especially when it brings up past trauma; sorry that was the case for you). Probably won’t start watching it again until it’s feeling a bit wintery, though. 😄

    Oh, and Educated sounds really interesting. I’ll have to look it up!

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