“Maybe his dogs heard about how you tried to kidnap that other dog.”

kids playing

Some things.  While pulling an unbelievably tasteless publicity stunt, throwing shade on the memory of our beloved Queen, Whitney Houston, Kanye West died of thirst (in my world.)  His epitaph:  Kanye West Didn’t Care About Black People.  Rest in Peace just rest.  Also;  Rosanne who?  Further, it’s disturbing these stories got far more news coverage than the approximately 4,645 American people who died in Puerto Rico during the aftermath of hurricane Maria, under 45’s blatant incompetence.

Welcome to America, where Teen Vogue is a remarkably more accurate and trustworthy source of news than Fox News.  By a long shot.  I mean, holy shit.  One of these kids is doing its own thing.  Come on, can you tell which one?  (Remember when Sesame Street taught us noticing the weird kid was a fun game? 🤫)

Finally, I think it’s time to bring back the FCC Fairness Doctrine, after reasonable updates to reflect the times.  Especially for the Big Four networks, and all over-the-air stations.  I think it’s time to make enforcement of the revised document mandatory, too.  Fox News makes it necessary.  I’m hoping some most excellent attorneys figure out how to sue the shit out of Rupert Murdoch and his evil company to get things rolling on that.

My gig went well.  I think I finally understand why people seek fame.  I’ve never paid attention to an audience when performing in the past.  I noticed the likes are far more impressive in person than online.  So much, I can see how they could be considered addictive.  Fame wouldn’t touch me with a 10-foot pole, but I’m glad to realize the appeal.  I usually want to know the why about things.  I’m off to see a lizard (nature documentary.)  ✌🏽