“Yeah, except you don’t really have any black friends.”


Wakanda Forever!

Insomnia is kicking my ass.  I’m seriously considering sleeping medication at this point.  I’m too tired to care.  The long pauses to stare off into space for no reason are annoying.  I’m not going to the studio today because driving is presently beyond my attention span.  You’re welcome, everyone driving in Sioux Falls.

I was planning to overclock my old PC tower today.  It’s not happening.  It would end in tears.  Adobe recently announced they’re raising prices for Creative Cloud.  When my subscription expires, I’m not renewing. Apparently whoever is in charge of these things has been smoking crack or something.  $1200 a year when I honestly only use Photoshop and Illustrator is ridic.  I already purchased Affinity Designer and Photo to replace them.  $100 forever.

I’ll get Final Cut Pro when I’m ready to move up in video editing.  I’ll add Motion, too.  $350 forever.  Better yet, I vastly prefer these apps as they load quickly, have a lower learning curve, can use Photoshop plugins, and no monthly fee.  DIAFF, Adobe.  I’ve been rebranding my favorite jeans by ironing patches on the back pocket and unstitching the branding.  Now my black Levi’s say Black Girl Magic instead.  I also used an R2-D2, and a Colin Kaepernick.  Etsy rules.

I’m thinking about getting some ribbon to sew on the legs like an Adidas stripe, too.  (Assuming I sleep soon so I can operate heavy machinery again.)  I should probably get something besides sneakers, but the only other footwear I like are combat boots. I think I’m beyond the age where I care about how others feel about my attire. It’s a startling development compared to how I felt about it in high school.

When I was a teenager, having to wear the same outfit to school twice in a row was the most severe punishment my parents enforced. It was worse than having my bedroom door removed for slamming it in anger. It sucked being their 9th teenager. I used to get told off for things I was only thinking about doing.


Now (in my 40’s) I create my own uniform and am steadily moving toward an all-black wardrobe. I feel good when I’m wearing black jeans, a black top and my black Nike Air Force 1’s. Especially if the black shirt has someone fabulous on it. Like Stevie Nicks, or Huey Freeman from The Boondocks. I should look for some Black Panther patches and shirts. Wakanda Forever!

I’m off to search for some combat boots and Black Panther everything. Did I mention I love Etsy? 🙃

8 thoughts on ““Yeah, except you don’t really have any black friends.”

  • I’m currently going through Adobe withdrawals, though I’m hoping I’ll get my fix from someone who does sales for them. Have you found an equivalent free program to Bridge? Anyways, I also love Etsy and Pokemon and am trying to learn video-editing. Just thought I’d say hi I and I like your style!

    • Hi! I haven’t found a Bridge replacement. Yet. Glad to know I’m not the only one working on video editing skills. Thanks! 🙃

    • I have but not recently. Affinity Photo is fabulous and only $50 (compared to Adobe.) 💜

  • I feel you, Wiser Sister! Ooooh, that insomnia! I’ve had it “acutely” for over 8 years now! Grrrr. I’ve always struggled with it off and on, truth be told. But the past 8 years have been something else. And wha…? I thought the current Adobe fees were steep! Dang, they’re raising them? Gah. I’m glad you found some cool substitutes! Please let us know how they work out for you; my partner and I are in the same boat 💓 Much love to you, girl! Mwah!! 😘😘💟💕☯

  • In that case, say it with me: Insomnia sucks!! I’m in a haze of sleepless consequences as I type this. It’s frustrating to the point where I’m considering alcohol. Unconsciousness looks extremely attractive right now. Sigh. Love you and glad to see you about. 💜💜

    • Amen, girl! Insomnia blows goats. Finally I might have found something that helps! CBD oil. Awesome! It helps me like 6 nights out of 7. Not 100%, but definitely better than anything else I’ve ever done! Because I’m like you – I’ve been considering alcohol! Lol. My dad was an alcoholic though, so probably not the best idea for me 💜

      Hey, do you know how to use a Korg Triton keyboard?? 😘❤️❤️

      • I’ve heard of CBD oil. I’ll look into getting some, thanks! I don’t know how to use a Korg Triton keyboard, however, if I had one, I’d head over to YouTube and search for tutorials first. Then I’d probably visit the Korg website and read the manual, as well as any other online tutorials I could find, all the while, experimenting and pushing all the buttons to see what they do. It looks professional!! I’ll dig around later and see what I can find. I only have a midi keyboard which means it only plays when connected to sounds on my computer.

        Looks like a fun adventure to figure it out! I’ll help in any way I can. I’d love to collaborate with you on something when we get a handle on our tools (or even before because I just go for it regardless hahahaha.) 💜💜😂

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