“I hate anyone who ever had a pony when they were growing up.”

Girl admiring a pony

I passed the kidney stone early this morning.  I’ve been dancing and singing ever since.  I forgot about the post-kidney stone euphoria.  It’s fabulous, even though I’m so tired I could cry.  I know I’ll be sleeping well tonight.  Imagine me with a massive grin on my face and a spring in my step.

Thanks to everyone who made thoughtful comments and provided suggestions.  (I feel like I should have a statue to go with this speech or something.)  I’m loopy, and I like it.  I made another video, but I promise it doesn’t suck as hard as the first one did.  The accompanying music is two short songs I created.  The first was my initial GarageBand effort.  The other was the last time I used GB before switching to Logic Pro X, more recently.

I used stock video footage to make it.  I don’t think I’m ready to move up from iMovie yet.  (Shup, I’m learning.)  😂  I have Adobe Creative Cloud, so I’m trying to build my skill level to where I can transition to Premiere Pro and After Effects.   (Because I’m paying for them even if I don’t use them, and I’m probably cheap.)  I did install them, but the amount of time required to open PP exceeded my patience.  Remember when 16GB of RAM was terrific?  Sigh.

I refuse to build a video editing rig.  Look, Adobe.  Put that shit in the cloud on professional editing rigs with uber RAM and video RAM.  I want to log into an editing rig with my laptop and edit 4k video on it, then publish it to YouTube (or whatever.)   Call Nvidia and AMD and make that shit happen, because I’m not building or buying a $10,000 desktop computer just to run your unbelievably bloated software.

Nvidia already lets me do this with video games, so I don’t have to build any more gaming rigs.  Get with the program or go obsolete.  In fact, make it work on my phone.  I speak on behalf of the 99% (who didn’t game the economy to compensate for a teeny, tiny penis.)   And without further ado, my second video.

I hope you didn’t hate it.  I’m off to read.

6 thoughts on ““I hate anyone who ever had a pony when they were growing up.”

  • So relieved for you that the stone is gone! 🎊🎉😎. Your video?? I’m stunned!! Pure awe. It’s pure perfection. How did you do that?? I’ve always always wanted to make music like this but can’t even master my Korg keyboard or even figure out how to record anything except to write the notes by hand…on staff paper…by candlelight 😂 (Ok everything up until the candlelight is literal) 😂 I admire you!! 😍❤️💟

  • Thanks! Trial and error is still my only technique. Heh. I ordered a book about mixing because trial and error is sloooooow. Wow, a Korg keyboard! Nice! Check out YouTube and the Korg website for tutorials. Which keyboard? 💜💜

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