“Well, it frees me up. No encumbrances.”

woman in pain

Welp.  I didn’t set off to explore America, today.  It’s probably a good thing I doubled over in agonizing pain before I hit the road, though.  It may be another kidney stone, or it may be the same one.  They sometimes to go back into my kidney rather than passing.  I didn’t think I heard it pass, but the pain was gone, so I stopped thinking about it.

It’s been a miserable day, but I wasn’t in constant pain.  It comes and goes in waves.  M. thinks it’s been hurting before today, but I was ignoring it until it got serious.  He’s probably right.  It’s a sensory issue, apparently.  I have a high pain threshold from my neck down.  I can’t ignore head pain or tooth pain, though.

Although, I did pull a tooth earlier.  I broke a tooth recently, and the tooth shard was hurting my gums.  So I used needle nose pliers to pull it out in front of the mirror.  At first, it bled a lot, but it’s stopped since.  It was nothing compared to Tom Hanks bashing out a sore tooth with a skate blade and a rock, in Castaway.

It’s not visible when I smile, but I’ll get it fixed, anyway.   The aching is starting to return, but it’s not bad yet.  M. didn’t suggest I go to the ER this time.  He’s awesome.  He got me a bendy straw and a big insulated cup of watery cranberry juice.  Bendy straws are fabulous.   I’m not up for connecting several so I can sip from another room, though.

M. is glad I didn’t go, and not even trying to pretend otherwise.  He asked me to wait until he can go with me.  I agreed, but mostly because it was much easier to nod than discuss it.   I watched the making of videos for Synthesis by Evanescence earlier.  I’m so glad Amy Lee exists.  It’s fascinating to watch it all come together so beautifully.  (It’s on YouTube.)

Amelia Bedelia has been super loving today.  I think she senses I’m sick.  She’s adorable and probably glad I put the carrier away.  M. said he’ll have time in early April to go with me.  It’ll still be fun with him along.  He has a lovely singing voice and knows all the Fleetwood Mac songs.  By the time we get back, he’ll know all of Stevie Nicks’ songs, too.  The pain is rising again, so I’m off.

4 thoughts on ““Well, it frees me up. No encumbrances.”

  • Oh my, Wiser Sister! That’s a lot to deal with! Pain sucks. Yes!–especially anything involving the head. Why is that?? 😘❤️ I really hope you feel better soon! I’m glad you’re getting your tooth taken care of. You are stronger than I am; I could not have pulled my own tooth! 👏👏👏💓💪💖🌷🌺

  • The tooth hurt intensely when I started, then didn’t hurt at all when I finished. I think that’s the necessary motivation. It sounds awful, but I’m pretty certain I could have used the Castaway method if it was necessary to stop the pain. Now I’m off to obsess over how fascinating is the concept of pain, and how our bodies use it to demand our attention *and* action. I was Pain’s bitch, and I did what she wanted me to do. Heh.

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