“My boyfriend said I got gonorrhea from riding the tractor in my bathing suit.”

2018 flag

Our Tired, Mangled Banner

Oh say can you see,
a nation on fire,
our children wailing,
bleeding and dying,
by the dawn’s early blight

What so proudly we’ve failed,
draped over caskets
of broken children,
terrified and haunted
at the twilight’s last scheming

Whose broad swipes and fake stars,
built a twisted curriculum
of betrayal and lies,
horror and powerlessness,
for their perilous fright

O’er the barricades we stared,
detached and indifferent,
eyes fixed and focused
on our god, Legal Tender,
while they’re gallantly screaming?

And the hateful red glare,
infecting the landscape
from sea to dying sea,
for sale to the highest bidder
for bombs bursting in air

Gave pain to our plight
fuel to our fright
hate to our bite
despair to our fight
that our flag will not bear

O say does that tired, mangled banner yet wave
over the fields of blood and conquest
where a nation took root in the entrails
of the indigenous, on the backs of the kidnapped
in this stolen land of the duped and home of the slaves?

by Unabashed Autist

2 thoughts on ““My boyfriend said I got gonorrhea from riding the tractor in my bathing suit.”

  • I’m sorry for your pain. I’ve always thought America was the greatest country in the world, at least for rights, but I’ve learned that we are far from perfect. The poem is amazing. There’s a lot of mediocre poetry on WP lol. You’re a great writer.

    • I thought the same before serving and learning no nation is honorable as they teach their children. It’s a painful lesson. Hugs. Thanks so much for calling me a great writer. I’m dancing!! 😘💜

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