“So, Elaine. Are you going to dance this year?”

Beautiful and alive

I’d like to take a moment to share something important to me.  I’m surprised it’s come up, but at least now I know I need to do this.  If you encounter someone dancing to an internal rhythm, the proper etiquette is to stop what you’re doing, pick up the beat, and join in.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a good dancer.  Be cool enough to dance, anyway.  The only way you can fail at this experience is to stand there and stare as if you’re new, (on earth.)  Bob your head and move your feet, spin your wheelchair if you have one, or something.  Bust the moves you’ve been practicing for years in front of the mirror alone in your room.

It’s proper because you’re answering the unspoken question;  You’re saying, “Yes, I’m beautiful and alive.”  It’s one of those things I don’t feel comfortable saying with words, (because I was raised to fear hippies.)  So if you were previously unaware of this bit of human language, now you know.  You’re welcome.  Tell a friend.

I’ll let you imagine the scenario that led to this nano-rant.  🙃  I’m super excited because I get to play drums with other musicians tomorrow.  I’m bringing my violin, just in case.  (I know, but I’d be so sad if for once it was welcome and I didn’t have it.)

I’d better take a Benadryl tonight, or I won’t sleep.  I got a contract at work to create a custom AI with precise parameters.  I can’t say what, which is unfortunate because it’s hilarious (to me.)  I spent at least ten minutes thinking about how incredible is the human mind after making sure I understood the project.


I also have a logo to create, so I’m anticipating a fun weekend.  I changed up my creative workstation a bit to flow better.  Also, I’m using a better mechanical keyboard for typing a book, now.  (It’s a WASD.)  And I replaced my wireless mouse with a Mionix Castor because it’s a dream for creative apps.  I figured out how to use the flash for the photo, so it’s not as painful to view.  😂

2 thoughts on ““So, Elaine. Are you going to dance this year?”

  • I think some people often think dancing are fancy dance moves and compare it to professionals. I am not a great dancer by any means, but I can dance to a beat. I think it is because my parents always played music in the house since I was a child (this can be so important to gain a natural ability to dance, rhythm etc) I can dance to a beat. That all dancing is tbh. Just move your body with the beat and you will almost not look like a fool who doesnt know what you are doing. Dancing is not a genre, it is not busting all the fanciest moves. Dancing can be very ‘simplistic.’ I have found the worse dancers are people who don’t listen to music often, or never had it around growing up. Like they didn’t get the natural ability of what a beat or rhythm is. If that makes sense?

    I love dancing and I do it often alone in my bedroom. Though I am naturally shy, I do often get up in public and dance. Can’t help it once that beat starts. 🙂

  • You’re fabulous!!! I never thought not growing up with music. All the more reason to enjoy it as an adult, if possible, eh? I’m glad the beat can move you, too. 👊🏽✌🏽💜

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