Blogger Recognition Award


I’m grateful to be nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award by Thomas of Aspiblog.  I’d like to thank Thomas for thinking of me:  I appreciate how supportive you’ve been as a fellow blogger and autistic brother.  You’re a delightful friend, and I’m happy you’re part of my world.  I enjoy reading your blog.  The wildlife photos and brain teaser puzzles are fabulous.  Thanks. 😘 💜 🙃

I’m going to break the rules of this award.  I’m supposed to nominate ten other bloggers.  The problem is, it means all but those ten will be left out.  My blogosphere is significantly larger.  I’m thankful to everyone who reads my words.  More so to those who share their own.  This is my safe place in the world where I can interact with others.  It’s someplace I fit, which is astonishing and fabulous.

Thanks for spending some of your precious time interacting with me, (in the one arena where I can participate.)  I love you for it.  You’re amazing and I hope you know it.  (Yep.  I mean you.  I couldn’t tell you if you weren’t reading this.)  Next time the universe gives you an atomic wedgie, and you catch yourself feeling low, please remember there’s someone who thinks you totally rock.  (Psst.  It’s me.)  💜💜💜✌🏽

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