“The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances.”


Happy Festivus, one and all!  I’m pleased to report I’m no longer a peon at work, but in negotiations to be a part owner.  It’s kind of funny I had to take a risk to convince someone else to do the same.  I’m such a soldier.

I’m back in Denver with M. in tow.  We’re staying for the holiday.  It was a last minute decision, which usually levels me at this time of year.  Fortunately, it was my idea.  (It just isn’t a holiday without being stressed out.)  We both have family here, too.

I’m mostly thinking about my new project and brainstorming ideas.  I’m also trying to rehydrate, which is why I’m still awake.  (I don’t want my black to crack.)  On my brief stop at home, I picked up my new hair products from Form Beauty.

I opened and smelled them, and they’re very lightly scented to me, which means they’re probably unscented to most people.  I’m thrilled with the presentation, amount of product, free sample (perfect for travel,) and the minimalist design of the bottles.  I’ve only used the hair lotion so far, but it’s fabulous.

I love how the site asks excellent questions about your hair and routine, then figures out the best hair care regimen for each individual.  Such as the fact I wash my hair daily because I run, and I cross train with swimming.  These are important things to consider before choosing what will work best with my hair.  (They do this for every hair type, so check them out if you have hair.)  I’m off to try sleeping.  Happy holidays to those who celebrate.