“Look at it. I pulled it in perfectly equidistant from the car in front of me and the car behind me.”


I’m back from Denver.  It’s snowing here, so yay.  Tomorrow I’m going to tell my boss I want to be a partner, or I quit.  I know I’ve said I wanted to be a peon with no responsibilities for a while, but it’s been getting on my nerves.

It’s painful to watch someone make poor decisions out of inexperience, and not know whether it’s wise to intervene.  I know money is fake, but I’m intensely conditioned to cringe when it’s thrown away for no good reason.

I hate being a civilian.  I hate working with people who don’t care about a company for which they’ve willingly dedicated much of their time.  It raises my blood pressure.  I thought I would fare better in an academic setting, but instead, I was surrounded by too much theory, not enough experience, and closed minds.

When a professor told me what I wanted to do wasn’t possible, I silently wished for an immediate refund on every penny spent on my tuition.  I was so offended.  I didn’t censor filter myself much back then.  I said, “You mean you can’t imagine how I’m going to do it.”  And I did it.  Dammit.

My expectations of higher education were so far off the mark it’s laughable in hindsight.  I was disappointed, but it was a significant lesson.   The lesson I’ve learned from working as a civilian is to always be the boss.  I’ll be delighted with whatever happens tomorrow.  I can’t be a peon for someone with less experience and initiative.

I thought I needed to step aside for the millennials to take over, but I forgot they need us to show them the secret handshakes, first.  I’ve felt like I’m stuck in a time warp since I got out of the service.  The military is more advanced in many ways.  (The reason is too scary to dwell on.)

I do believe these younger generations (Y and Z) are going to reshape how westerners think.  Thank goodness.  It’s beautiful to watch them enforce a higher standard of how we treat one another.  If this is you, thank you.  I see what you did there.  🙂


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