“Listen, Natasha; I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing your crummy little euro-trash rags.”

Edit:  If you wondered why this post disappeared for no reason, it’s because I’m a doof.  Sorry, if I caused anyone frustration.

bus ride

I’m no longer able to listen to, And That’s Why We Drink podcast.  I’m wicked bummed, but I can’t handle occult horror stories and serial killer shenanigans.   The hilarious and delightful hosts made me laugh (really hard) when they weren’t talking about the scary shit.   But, nope.  I can’t roll with part terror, part yay.

I auditioned several other podcasts, trying to find one that fit me better.  I found several I would have enjoyed if the advertising wasn’t so offputting.  I don’t mind when the podcasters creatively act out skits to entice us with the products they’re plugging.  They make it fun.  I don’t like the ones that record it verbatim from the company script once and replay it on every episode, over and over.

I’ll tolerate it if they at least put it at the end of the show, where I can skip it if I’m binge listening.  Otherwise, I unfollow and keep looking.  I thought I found a good one, but in the second episode, the hosts (?) took all feedback as a new rule going forward.  It turned a quirky, fun, and therefore relatable podcast into the equivalent of a scripted reality show.  Hell no.

The best I’ve heard so far:  The Message and LifeAfter.  Using real actors and excellent writing paid off big time in this instance.  (Don’t miss these podcasts if you can help it.)  But last night I finally found the podcast I’ve been looking for:  Gettin’ Grown.

Gettin Grown

It’s two educated black women in their early thirties talking about the challenges of adulting.  It’s hilarious, inspiring, and informative.  Listening to it is like wrapping up in a warm, right-from-the-dryer blanket on a cold day, and hanging out with your sisters.  They have a lot to teach me, and I love every minute of it.   I recommend it to all who embrace diversity with a loving heart.  [Only two days till Star Wars.]  Peace. 💜