“You have to start thinking in terms of We. It’s a very stressful situation.”

I’m going to try recording my posts as an audio file and including it.  I thought about going back to the first post and gradually working my way forward.  Then I decided against it because that sounds overwhelming (and a little traumatic.)  Instead, I’m going to see how it goes with one new post.  If I pull it off (I will) to my satisfaction (never-mind), I’ll consider doing it again.

Just a heads up, I’m auditing English 101 (again) at a local university out of respect for grammar aficionados.  (It’s a thing, right?)  Maybe literary geeks are more accurate.  (Sorry if I already biffed it in this post.)  I like the class.  I struggle with how English puts Logic’s head in the toilet and flushes repeatedly.  Also, I don’t think in English, (she said, unnecessarily.)  Hopefully, things will become less cringe-worthy around here.

I’m working on pacing myself in several ways.  I’ve realized I approach things as if a Drill SGT is chasing me while firing an M-16 loaded with blanks, and I don’t know they’re blanks.  (It’s probably because that’s how I feel whenever I do something on the other side of my front door.)  M. is teaching me yoga, and it’s already helping.  For example, I noticed there’s no Drill SGT chasing me, so I should totally stop running.  🙃


Aside from that actually happening in basic training, I have no insight.  Ridic Quirk, meet Curb.  Pasta lasagna, beotch!  It’s been real (ly stressful.)  I faked it on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  I found so much stuff I wanted from Musicians Friend and put it all in my cart.  Then I left it all there (even the bass strings, and they were wicked cheap.)  I had a great time.  On Cyber Monday, I changed it up and decided to get a top-of-the-line DJ setup (for no valid reason other than my love of buttons and LED lights.)

My cart came in at over $12k.  I left it all there again.  It’s more fun than actual shopping because I don’t have to do any research, and I’m hella rich in fake money.  I never come up short when the cost is imagination.  Yay.  I should probably let my Personal MF Sales Consultant know there’s no need to inquire why I didn’t complete the purchases.  I strongly suspect lots of (practically starving) artists do this.  It motivates me to practice more (to justify a more beautiful instrument.)  Which is what I’m off to do now.  Imagine joy. 💜