“Well, you gotta wean.”

This weekend has flown by.  M. is home.  Yay.  I’m running behind on my chores and refuse to sleep until I’m done folding my laundry.  I haven’t told him about the pushing incident, yet.  I’m saving it for later.  I installed my rainbow lights in my home office.  I love it.  I’ll try and figure out how to do a video so I can show you.  I’ll provide links so you can copy.

I have it set on a rainbow that chases around at a calm pace.  It makes the room light enough, but not too much.  It makes me smile a lot.  My chrome drum kit reflects it perfectly, giving me the rainbow drums I sought.  M. likes it a lot.  This pleases me.  I’m so glad he’s home.  Well, he was, but now he’s at his apartment doing laundry.  Then he’ll be back.  🙃

My new glasses arrived.  I can see!  I’ve gone through stages regarding how I feel about my frame choices.  They both fit.  At first, I thought they both looked ridic.  Now I’m getting used to them, and am satisfied.  The red pair is my favorite because they stay in place.  I’m going to order some extra empty frames to replace these when they inevitably break.

I did manage to fix the ones that got broken recently, but they’re an old script.  Being able to see clearly is fantastic.  I wish everyone could.  I’m off to fold, then read.  I’m reading Arcanum Unbounded:  The Cosmere Collection, by Brandon Sanderson.  This is my second time.  I missed a lot the first time.  Sixteen days until Oathbringer is released.  Yay.