“Well, let me tell you something about George. He is fast! He can run like the wind!”

I’m miss M.  I’m not used to missing people who are alive.  I’d like to list these feelings on eBay.  They’re freaking me out.  Cheaper than free.  Heh.  It snowed briefly, this morning.  I set my thermostat at 68° F, and the heat is kicking in every few hours.  I had an incredible run, sorta.  I should have thought it through more thoroughly before I left, but the first half was so fun.  It’s ridic windy here right now, relative to what’s typical.  I had the wind at my back initially, and it was like running on the moon,  (I think.)

The gusts are nearly constant.  If you’ve never done this before, it’s worthy of your bucket list.  Unfortunately, I had to turn around to get home.  It was bad.  Cut to me crying in the shower, vowing never again to go running without checking the weather first.  My ears are still burning.  But I felt like the Bionic Woman, so I’m calling it an excellent but trying experience.  I’m off today, so I began catching up on my show.  I’m still only watching one show:  Better Things.

The birth of wind spren, by Unabashed Autist Inspired by the Stormlight Archives novels by Brandon Sanderson


It’s too advanced for me to binge watch, turns out.  So I’m taking a break to process between episodes.  This is how I roll.  Plus, I can’t watch this show during quiet hours because it makes me laugh out loud.  The episode I just watched made me cry.  Then laugh, then cry again quietly (so I could hear the song at the end.)  Once again, I have questions.  But I realized something.  It’s not my mom I wish was sitting beside me when I watch;  it’s Pamela Adlon.  (I’m presuming she’s got other shit to do, though.)

They don’t let anyone who can’t act be on this show.  This is an outstanding policy.  There won’t be any episodes you can skip.  I like knowing this up front.  It’s unbelievable how much they manage to pull off in 28 minutes.  I hope they’re paying the actors and writers obscenely because they’re earning it by bringing it.  Watching people be so great together makes me happy, even when the story makes me cry.  I’m off to start the next episode.

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